Four Steps to Find Out Whether or Not a Nursing Career Is for You

Andre Martin | Last Updated : December 19, 2023

If you are deciding whether or not a nursing career is for you, there are several steps that will help you figure out the answer. Becoming a nurse is expensive, and it takes a lot of energy and time, depending on which route you go.

Follow the below-given steps to find out whether or not a nursing career is for you.

Do Your Research

You need to do research instead of opting for this career because your sister is a nurse or because your friends are opting for this career. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a nurse, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this career is for you.

You need to take the time to do some research and see what nurses do and what the job entails. Also, while you are researching, you will come across the different types of nurses, including the postpartum travel nurse, the certified midwife nurse, or a registered nurse.

Do your research about the environments that nurses work in and what the pay is for a nurse. You will also want to check on your options to grow in your career and your options for education. Address the tuition fees and whether you will get help paying for school.

The essential benefit of doing all this research is that you get loads of questions answered that you never knew about. And you will get a better idea about the nursing career that will help you decide whether this career is right for you or not.

Get into the Field

There are different ways to get into this field. For instance, you can do this as a CAN (certified nursing assistant), a home health aide, or a unit secretary. The goal is to get into the field and get a personal experience about how things are when you become a nurse.

By getting into the field, you will be able to see whether the setting is for you. You will also have the opportunity to talk to people who are actually doing the jobs. You can go to different nursing forms and join different social media groups to see, talk, and interact with people who are doing this job to get a better idea about what this career is all about.

However, while talking to people, you will want to be mindful of a few things. The thing is that sometimes people do not always tell things as they are in real life. Some people are bitter or exhausted. Some people are tired of nursing and will tell you not to sign up for this career.

People’s opinions are subjective, as it is about how they see things, and the things they experience might not necessarily be the case for you when you go into the nursing career. But you will still want to get an idea of where and how things are as far as nursing is concerned.

Understand Job Qualifications

You will want to understand what it entails to be a nurse. Of course, you might want to start by reading job descriptions, and while you are at it, go down each line and fully understand what each line means. You can also watch different YouTube videos that are titled “A Day in the Life of a Nurse.”

By reading job descriptions and going through the videos, you will definitely figure out most things that entail the nursing job. There are over a hundred different specialties for nurses, and there are loads of different work environments for nurses.

You will be surprised to know how many different positions you can have as a nurse, including positions where you don’t have to touch a patient ever in life, and you are still a nurse doing your job.

Assess Whether or Not You Can Handle Being a Nurse

With loads of different nursing options, you will want to do your research about the position that you are interested in and then see whether or not you can handle it. You will want to ask yourself the question of whether or not you can handle fluids and angry patients who are throwing tantrums.

You will also have to handle the family members of patients coming to you and threatening you and talking to you disrespectfully. Can you handle the doctors who might be doing the same thing as well? Nursing isn’t only about having a strong physical caliber, but you need to be mentally strong and emotionally intelligent as well.

As a nurse, you might be required to supervise other people, and you will want to be good at multitasking. Good communication skills are a must-have trait as well. You should also be able to handle different smells and other things that are part of a human being.

You will also be able to deal with death. You get the point – you will want to be able to deal with all sorts of things as a nurse, and only when you are 100% sure that you can handle it all, then being a nurse is the right career choice for you.

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