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How Does Fourth Wave Effect In US? New Deaths In US Are ‘Predictable  But Preventable’

The leading and popular US infectious disease expert Fauci said that around 1,00,000 New Deaths in the US are ‘Predictable  but Preventable’

Amidst the resistance in some states on the public health measures and mandates. The number of COVID infection cases has increased tremendously in 14 states. In some states, Covid cases have increased to more than 50%  in a week. Whereas, in the other 28 states the percentage of increase is around 10%. The figures according to Johns Hopkins University are a dire warning. 

New Deaths In US Are ‘Predictable  But Preventable’.

Johns Hopkins University recorded on Sunday the US DEath toll from COVId 19 almost 6,37, 000.  Dr. Anthony Fauci viewing these astonishing figures said, “What is going on now is both entirely predictable and entirely preventable”.  The head of the National Institution of  Allergy and Infectious Disease is the chief medical adviser to president Biden. 

 In this latest statement, Dr. Fauci said, “We know we have the wherewithal with vaccines to turn this around, and the reason the numbers are so alarming is that we have about 80 million people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated who are not yet vaccinated.

New Deaths In US Are ‘Predictable  But Preventable’.

“We could turn this thing around and we can do it efficiently and quickly if we could just get those people vaccinated. It’s so important that people in this crisis put aside any ideological and political differences and just get vaccinated.”

He also emphasized that since the vaccination hesitancy is reducing and citizens are now taking their vaccination shots. The situation is soon expected to be in control. On average around 90,000 vaccination shots are administered every day.  Moreover, the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for those 16 or older is a ‘key milestone’  in the COVID 19 battle. 

The expert also said that the vaccine must increase and the public needs to observe social distancing and wear masks in public areas to improve the situation. 

The professor of Health Metrics Sciences at the University of Washington  Ali Mokkad said, “We can save 50,000 lives simply by wearing masks,” He added,  that’s how important our behavior is. 

On NBC’s Press Meet, Fauci said that the administration is considering the need for booster shots and an announcement on the same will be soon out. During the meeting, he said, `We’re still planning on eight months,” He added, “That was the calculation we made [and] this rollout will start on the week of 20 September. That’s the plan that we have, but we are open to data as they come in. This will have to go through the FDA process and then the advisory committee on immunization practices that advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]. So right now, we’re sticking with eight but we’re open to any variation in that based on the data.”

Dr, Fauci also emphasized the fact that together we can control the outbreak and suppress this pandemic. Vaccination is the only means to get a hold of the situation. If the US gets more than 80 million people vaccinated. One can witness a dynamic change in the statistics of covid infections. 

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