Fraudulent Reporting Of Tests For Minnesota By Center For Covid Control

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 21, 2022

The Center for Covid Control reportedly released fake negative results if reports are to be believed. A consumer-protection lawsuit has been filed by the Minnesota Assistance General’s office. Fraudulent practices have been revealed lately.

Fraudulent Reporting Of Tests For Minnesota By Center For Covid Control

The Center for Covid Control, based in Illinois, had collected samples from Minnesota residents for Covid-19 testing. However, the authorities failed to deliver the test results that were said to be false or inaccurate. The Doctors Clinical Lab also belongs to the same Center for Covid Control.

Fraudulent Reporting Of Tests For Minnesota By Center For Covid Control

The Minnesota residents have revealed that the lab provided wrong test results regarding positivity and negativity, apart from producing wrong dates and times. Some of the result certificates also have the wrong tests mentioned.

The Center for Covid Control has over 300 centers across the country. And they perform more than 80,000 tests every day. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is also investigating the matter. Apart from that, the Oregon Department of Justice is also investigating. It seems to be a case of Unfair Trade Practices Violations. Many other authorities are scrutinizing the reports.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has also found various discrepancies in the reports generated by the lab. The Mediclaim company has already reimbursed $124 million in the Federal uninsured Covid-19 program. Many private health insurers have also paid the lab.

Illinois-based Akbar Syed and Aleya Siyaj own the Centers for Covid Control and the laboratory. In the past few months, the couple has seized a number of luxury vehicles and a luxury mansion as well. No spokesperson was available for any answers.

The complaint by the Minnesota residents mentions the company and the lab for false advertisements, failure to obtain a compliance certificate, deceptive trade practices, to name a few. According to the complaint that the residents have said the company showed records of the residents to the Federal government, as not insured.

The company and the lab examined the Mediclaim and told its employees to select uninured from the drop-down menu. It is a fault option that was asked to be selected. The company submitted the report, stating the residents were uninsured. Thus, they got reimbursement from the Federal Government.

The defense for Aleya Siyaj has said that employees were only asked to streamline the data. They were supposed to enter the name of the patient and then choose the insurance. The company has also been alleged that they ordered the employees to falsely date the samples and they were made to appear on recent dates. However, the case did not seem to be so.

If the consumers called the company or the lab repeatedly, the employees told, that the results were not conclusive and asked them to take a retest. The company wanted to create another bill for the second test.

Many people also received test results without ever taking any test. There were people who were enlisted as being tested for the Rapid Antigen test online. However, as the queue was long, they never took the test.

The said person got an email stating the same. So, there were many such incidents that made reporting really necessary. The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office is seeking injunctive relief, civil penalties in the amount of $25,000. The sites were actually free, but have caused huge losses to residents, and had also caused time management issues. Many residents had to suffer because of this.

Many even had to go for tests elsewhere and wait till the reports came. This seems to be a huge fraud that has come to the fore. It is left to see how the authorities handle it.

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