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Funeral Homes Are Struggling To Keep Up With The Demands Of Covid

A record number of COVID-19 fatalities have been reported in Romania, and funeral home operator Sebastian Cocos is trying to keep up with the increasing number of funerals faster than ever before.

However, for him, nothing drives home the magnitude of what is now the world’s worst pandemic more than the countless number of mourners who continue to come back.

Funeral Homes Are Struggling To Keep Up With The Demands Of Covid

The minister told the media that “there were families that buried up to four individuals in two weeks, and it’s not an easy task.”

Cocos, who is based in the Romanian capital of Ploieşti, is also the head of a national funeral parlor organization.

Funeral Homes Are Struggling To Keep Up With The Demands Of Covid

Due to the alarmingly low vaccination rate in his country, where COVID-19 is killing 1 person every five minutes, he claims business at his funeral home and throughout the sector has increased by 50%.

And he has a stern warning for the vast majority of his countrymen who have not yet received vaccinations.

According to Cocos, who has been in the industry for 12 years, “there is no parallel for what is going on right now.” “I strongly advise everyone to be vaccinated because, if they do not, they will find themselves in our custody.

” In the European Union as a whole, 74 percent of adults have had a complete immunization. Romania has the second-lowest rate in the EU after its neighbor Bulgaria, with 36 percent of the population over the age of 80, the lowest in the union.

In Romania, the EU’s second poorest country, such figures reflect a long history of mistrust in official institutions, a lack of investment in rural infrastructure, and inadequate vaccination education.

Public figures, including politicians, priests, and some physicians, have encouraged people not to receive vaccinations, backed demonstrations against vaccination limits, and even rammed into hospitals – much to the consternation of medical experts and the general public.

According to AndiNodit, manager of the Bagdasar-Arseni clinical emergency ward in Bucharest, “this fourth wave was anticipated given the pace at which individuals declined to accept requests to be vaccinated.”

AmaliaHangiu, the director of the organization’s emergency response section, characterized the situation as “catastrophic and unfathomable.

” According to the research site Our World in Data’s worldwide ranking of fresh COVID-19 deaths per million population, Romania’s coronavirus mortality reached a record high on Tuesday, prompting the medical system to run out of critical care beds. The fourth wave is “a snowman against an iceberg, ” compared to earlier waves,” according to Not. “The 4th wave is the iceberg.”

“I am at a loss for words when it comes to the scope and severity of the situation at the emergency department and the hospital.

” According to official figures, this month, about 13 percent of Romania’s aggregate of 42,000 pandemic fatalities had occurred. Official statistics indicated that on Tuesday, the number of new daily infections surpassed 18,800, and the number of individuals who died from the virus reached 574, both records.

On Wednesday, President Klaus Iohannis will hold consultations with government officials and health specialists in order to consider tighter restrictions.

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