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Future Of Covid Vaccinated Americans Getting Booster Shots Is Going To Be An Actuality

White House adviser and the CEO of Pfizer quipped that the future of vaccinated Americans is going to be heavily reliant on booster shots. This is if they want to safeguard themselves from the mutated variants of the novel coronavirus. 

The chief science officer of the pandemic response, Dr. David Kessler stated that the U.S. has leveled up its planning process for the future of the booster shots. 

Future Of Covid Vaccinated Americans Getting Booster Shots Is Going To Be An Actuality

Post the initial phase of inoculation, a third vial of the vaccine within six to twelve months is necessitated as remarked by Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer. The revaccination program is further going to become an annual event in the calendar. 

Future Of Covid Vaccinated Americans Getting Booster Shots Is Going To Be An Actuality

Examples cited were of polio which only demands the usage of a single vaccine dose. Whereas the covid virus showcases symptoms that are more likely of an influenza virus and not a poliovirus. Thus, compelling the need for vaccines every year.

Recurrent tests were run by Pfizer back in February checking the immune responses of the covid-19 vaccine against the mutated variants of the virus. This was done for the possible third dose of the vaccine. 

Whereas Moderna confirmed that work was on for developing a booster to the initial vaccine. Johnson & Johnson stated in reports that their single-shot vaccine needs to be administered yearly. 

The U.S. government is thinking ahead and emphasis has been led on stronger efficacy of the currently developed vaccines against the newer variants. 

The Biden administration committee member Kessler reported that steps are initiated to develop the next generation of vaccines. Ones that will be directed against the mutated versions and will provide increased efficacy in all likelihood. 

Kessler was at the front row amongst the subcommittee members who urged the Americans for vaccination. Thus, also providing enough reassurance that the authorized vaccines were safe. However, the J&J vaccine has hit a hurdle and is yet to get a go-ahead on redistribution. This is post the backlash against a few clotting cases amongst the inoculated individuals. 

A new emergency hearing on the J&J vaccine is scheduled for April 23 on its safety parameters by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The country has touched new records with 125 million having received the first dose of vaccine to prevent Covid-19, while 78 million have completed their full vaccination.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s fate is yet to be decoded since it requires more time and evidence for determining the blood clot-related cases. There have been only six cases of clotting amongst the 7 million shots administered. 

While there is not enough information on the proceedings but a second emergency hearing is planned for sometime around next week as confirmed by the Associated Press. 

There has been hue and cry where vaccine specialists have retorted the public should not have to wait longer for advice. The clot reports are alarming since they tend to be atypical and require a varying amount of treatment. 

Finding occurrences in unusual places like veins or amongst people with abnormally lower levels of platelets that form clots. The number of cases is three times higher than what was accounted for by the experts as said by Dr. Tom Shimabukuro of the CDC. 

The clotting cases across the U.S. for the J&J vaccine have been amongst the women who are aged below 50 years. While AstraZeneca in the U.K has found cases mostly among women below 60. Thus, the deployment of vaccines has been limited.

Some reports also suggest people who are living with covid infected patients are showing stronger protection when Regeneron’s antibody cocktail is administered. This is if the cocktail is given early enough which prevents people from falling sick. 

This could mean big with 60000 plus cases being reported each day across America. This is where the regen-cov antibody cocktail could help millions of unvaccinated people who have been exposed to the virus by providing immediate protection. 

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