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G7: Biden Will Discuss COVID-19 Pandemic, China, And Global Economy

The White House Officials stated on Sunday that U.S president Joe Biden will attend his first-ever international event of G7 on Friday.

The president is set to discuss matters on the pandemic, world economy, and dealing with China in the virtual meeting of top leaders from the G7 group of rich democracies.

G7: Biden Will Discuss COVID-19 Pandemic, China, And Global Economy

The statement from the White House said that president Biden will get an opportunity to discuss plans for defeating the COVID-19 pandemic as well as rebuilding the world economy in the virtual meeting with the leaders of the leading democratic market economies. 

Biden Will Discuss COVID-19 Pandemic, China, And Global Economy

According to Sunday’s statement, the remarks of the president would focus on the global response towards the production and distribution of vaccines.

For further, Biden will make his remarks on the continued efforts in mobilizing and cooperating in contrast to the threat of the emerging infectious diseases by building country capacity and the establishment of health security financing as well.

In terms of the recovery of the global economy, Biden plans to make his remarks on the significance of maintaining financial support for the recovery and collective measures to build back better, which can be followed by all of the industrial countries in the world. 

The countries in the G7 group are having a meeting for the first time this year after they had a conference last April. The White House stated that Biden would also suggest the need for making investments to enlighten the collective competitiveness and the necessity of updating global rules to resolve the challenges imposed by China. 

The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson also stated that in the upcoming G7 event, which would be held virtually, he has plans to call for more cooperation in the fight against the pandemic. 

After he came to power, President Biden has overturned the policies of his Predecessor. He plans to reestablish the connections to the world and its institutions in which Trump made reforms and neglected. 

Recently, President Biden reunited the country with the WHO and Paris Climate accord which Trump largely sneered at along with several other multinational programs or organizations. 

During his administration, China was challenged by Trump over the policies taken by the country. Trump imposed punishing tariffs which resulted in wider criticism for taking an inappropriate approach rather than opting for a more unified way like intellectual property threat and other policies that could have impacts on the Chinese economy. 

Presently in the country, President Biden is urging Congress to approve and pass his $1.9 trillion stimulus package, which would bring significant changes in the American economy, as well as a relief to the large number of people who got strangled by the raging pandemic.

The statement also said that one of the highlights of the agenda of the meeting is climate change.   

Last week, Janet Yellen, the U.S Treasury Secretary, had a word with the counterparts of G7. To secure economic recovery, she also called for continued financial support. 

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