Gay Men May Donate Blood Thanks To Recent Study

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 15, 2021

The Food and Drug Administration suggested blood centers banned any man that the UN agency deemed had had sex with another man since 1977 — even once — from donating.

The FDA, which regulates blood banks, has mitigated the principles somewhat in recent years. However, gay and bisexual men are still ineligible to gift if they had sex with another man within the last three months.

Gay Men May Donate Blood Thanks To Recent Study

The federal rules have for a long time drawn protests from physicians, politicians, and activists. UN agencies who denounced them as discriminatory and outdated. Several were particularly upset once a mass shooting at the gay nightspot Pulse in Orlando when gay men were refused from giving blood to assist the wounded. 

Gay Men May Donate Blood Thanks To Recent Study

It’s perpetuating a discriminatory approach that’s not primarily based on science, said the executive of the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS administrators. Gay men in monogamous relationships area unit usually barred. “

Others argued against loosening restrictions, and the spoken language is risky to expand eligibility among a gaggle with higher rates of HIV infection. Once the agency wanted comments, many individuals sent in letters declarative that “weakening the protections of America’s blood offer for political ideology puts the protection of USA citizens in danger.”

Now blood banks units are seeking out gay and bisexual men in cities together. This aims to seek out whether or not asking would-be donors concerning risky behaviors — like having sex while not a contraceptive — can be a secure difference to screening out all men UN agencies have recently had sex with men. 

Susan Stramer, vice-chairman of scientific affairs for the yank nongovernmental organization, said that the nongovernmental organization Associate in Nursing alternative blood banks is interested in reassessing the principles. This is to confirm that “anyone” is UN agency has an applicable safety profile will gift.”

“Because testing isn’t good, we would like to preselect donors UN agency have all-time low risks,” Stramer mentioned above, one among the lead researchers on the Advance Study. The new study aims to determine whether or not it’d be equally effective to assess risk with specific questions on risk behavior, like the number of sexual partners somebody has had recently.

Among those participants is Goldstein. Before Goldstein became ineligible to gift, Goldstein — UN agency has group O negative blood — aforesaid he had given blood therefore often that he had been rewarded with a pin as a frequent donor. This summer, once he had his blood drawn for the study at a city center, he snapped a photograph of himself outside and denoted it on Facebook.

Being barred from giving blood, Goldstein aforesaid appears “totally out of step with wherever we tend to area unit.”

Early within the AIDS epidemic, serologic testing couldn’t effectively sight the virus till months once exposed. Blood centers were horror-stricken once hemophiliacs UN agency relied on blood products were infected with HIV through transfusions.

The life ban was first controlled six years ago, however, just for gay and bisexual men. The UN agency required that they had not had sex with another man for a minimum of a year. This rule was effectively continuing to bar gay men if they were the least bit sexually active. 

Loosening the ban was supported by outstanding teams together with the yank Medical Assn. And also the AABB. Opponents enclosed the conservative Family analysis Council, which argued the amendment was created “not for scientific or medical reasons, except for political ones.” At the time, the yank Plasma Users Coalition expressed some caution, and spoken language may back the amendment providing it came at the side of a robust system to observe blood safety.

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