Gene Variants Linked To A Cause Of Heart Attack In Young Adults

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 7, 2022

Many young adults suffer from heart attacks, and this is due to various factors. However, researchers have analyzed a common cause of serious heart attacks in younger adults that usually affect women under the age of 50. The SCAD, which is the short form of spontaneous coronary artery dissection, is a tear that occurs in the arteries of the heart region is involved in most cases of heart attacks in young adults.

Gene Variants Linked To A Cause Of Heart Attack In Young Adults

Interestingly, women are more at risk for this condition when compared to men, and other factors include recent childbirth and abnormal growth of cells in the artery walls. Apart from that, having a history of migraine also increases the risk in many women.

Gene Variants Linked To A  Cause Of Heart Attack In Young Adults

Similarly, the use of hormonal contraceptives or other medication may also up the risk for these women. Doctors say that depression and anxiety may also be contributory factors in some cases.

The study has identified gene variants that may be the main reason behind SCAD in young adults. Some mutations in the genes affect the production of collagen protein which impacts the stability and strength of blood vessels. However, there is no treatment that can regulate the collagen content in the blood vessels at this stage. Experts say that regulating this can lead to reducing the risk of SCAD in young adults.

The researchers focused on the region of the human genome that regulates the proteins. They used the whole-exome sequencing method to analyze the genes. When the exomes of SCAD patients were compared with others who did not have SCAD, the experts found rare genetic variants in collagen-producing genes in people with SCAD. It became evident that people with SCAD had a higher risk of serious heart complications.

This has prompted many researchers to opt for genetic testing of heart patients with SCAD in order to identify the risks in a better way. In many ways, genetic factors play a big role in youngsters getting heart attacks. Surprisingly, this happens even in otherwise healthy individuals who do not have any comorbid conditions like blood pressure and diabetes. However, it is evident from earlier studies that having blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension can increase the risk of heart attack by a huge margin. This can happen even to young adults in many cases.

For this reason, young adults should not neglect the health of the heart and take adequate precautions to avoid complications in the long run. Leading a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and alcohol can reduce the risk of heart attack by a considerable margin. Along with that, it is also important to eat healthy food and avoid processed foods as much as possible regularly. This reduces bad cholesterol in the body, and the risk of heart attack and other comorbid conditions like diabetes is also reduced with a healthy diet.

People who are obese need to work out regularly as they are at higher risk of heart attacks when compared to other people. Exercising regularly also improves blood circulation throughout the body and keeps the heart in good shape even in old age. Apart from that, regular workouts can also reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in heart patients.

Experts say that people who have a family history of heart conditions need to be careful about their health in the long run. Getting proper tests at regular intervals will help them identify the risk factors associated with heart attacks. There is no need to worry when proper precautions are taken, as the condition can be treated when identified in the early stages.

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