Things Are Getting Worse: This Flu Season Is “Fierce,” Warning From Doctors  

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 8, 2022

The situation has not been normal after covid-19 has subsided. After covid 19, there has been an increasing incidence of Influenza and RSV. The threat is still ongoing. They have been an addition to this tripledemic situation.

The flu has caused it. According to the experts of infectious diseases at California University of Medical Sciences, it has been brought forward that these infections tend to affect the immunity of the human body. This is going to be an extreme version of the virus. 

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention statistics have predicted a 100% increase in the number of infections within just a week. There has been a rise in the number of hospitalizations. The scale is almost two times higher than it was last year.

It indicates the gravity of the situation in which the flu is becoming an inherent part of the environment. The countries of The United States of America and the United Kingdom have been impacted to a great extent due to the rise of flu infections. Efforts are being made in this direction so that a good change can be introduced over time.

What Are The Statistics About It? 

According to the experts, the number of Coronavirus cases does not provide an accurate picture of the reality that people are facing.

Things Are Getting Worse: This Flu Season Is "Fierce,"

Most of the time, even when the covid test is negative, the individual also carries a similar risk of infection because he is tested positive for flu. A maximum of flu infections are unreported, due to which they spread at an exponential speed.

Hospitalizations have increased from 2000 to 4600 in the past week. The incidence of deaths has also been reported to increase from 1000 to 1780. These cases are exclusive of the infections and the transmission caused by RSV.

Influenza continues to haunt the major cities of the United States of America. Sixteen states of the country have already been put on high alert. This was after the total number of reported and unreported cases peaked at 8.7 million. This has been the highest of all time.


As already mentioned, most of the cases are unreported. It is because the flu produces the mildest symptoms, which people often ignore. These symptoms include high fever and the common cold. The feeling of nausea, headache, congestion, and runny nose are also familiar.

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A person is likely to feel tired most of the time, and muscle pain is also a common symptom associated with this infection. The gravity of the problem increases in the minimum amount of time, which increases the risk to life. 

Most hospitalized cases have already reached the extreme stage beyond which recovery may not be feasible and possible. These patients survive on a ventilator or artificial life support mechanisms for additional days.

The intake of antibiotics without a medical prescription is also one of the most important reasons, due to which the seriousness of the problem is enhanced. It also causes internal deficiency of essential vitamins such as A, B, and C. It can produce long-term weakness in the body and reduce the immunity to fight diseases. 


Only with the help of proper medical cures and advice can the individual reduce the risk. The possibility of falling sick can be tackled only when the health of the individual is monitored over a period of time. It is a long-term exercise that requires proper consultation with experts who have got sufficient knowledge. 

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