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The Global COVID Caseload Rises Again In The Wake Of The Disturbing Setback

There is another round of restrictions and dampening of hopes for a return to normal life due to COVID-19 deaths and cases rising once again in an unfortunate setback. Following nine consecutive weeks of declines, deaths last week rose, according to the World Health Organization. The death toll climbed 3% from the previous week, with more than 55,000 people lost.

The Global COVID Caseload Rises Again In The Wake Of The Disturbing Setback

In Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Britain, the WHO reported the most cases, up 10% to almost 3 million last week. Reversal is believed to be due to relaxation of mask rules, low vaccination rates, and the rapid spread of the more contagious delta variant. The disease has been identified in 111 countries so far and is growing rapidly to become a global threat.

The Global COVID Caseload Rises Again In The Wake Of The Disturbing Setback

The combination has been described as a “recipe for a potential tinderbox” by Sarah McCool of Georgia State University.

In his warning, Dr. Dowdy stressed the importance of recognizing that COVID can cause explosive outbreaks. Currently, he works at Johns Hopkins University as an infectious disease specialist.

Argentina was hard hit and had more than 100,000 deaths from a massive surge in death tolls. Russia has hit a record of daily coronavirus deaths this week. Within a week, COVID-19 infections have almost doubled among young Belgians with the delta variant. For the first time in six months, more than 40,000 cases were registered in Britain on a single day.

In Myanmar, crematoriums are working this morning tonight. Near Jakarta, where almost 1,000 people have died, and over 54,000 new cases have been reported since a month ago, local residents are pitching in to help gravediggers keep up.

In Jaya Abidin’s neighborhood, residents began digging so the diggers could rest since they were so tired and had no resources. It will be hard for us all if we don’t do this because we will simultaneously have to wait a long time for a burial, she continued.

With one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, the United States has observed a double-digit increase in new infections over the past two weeks to about 24,000, though deaths still decline at about 260 every day.

Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the country, reported over 1,000 new child abuse cases for a fifth straight day on Tuesday.

Hospital beds are filling up fast as the infection rates rise in Tokyo ahead of this month’s Summer Games. Many experts predict there will be thousands of cases before the games and many more during them. Several cities, including Sydney, Australia, have imposed additional restrictions. The city’s 5 million residents will be under lockdown at least through the end of July, two weeks longer than originally planned. Considering the number of cases in Seoul, South Korea has implemented its most stringent distancing rules to date.

A curfew was imposed in Barcelona and other cities in Spain. Despite other restrictions in England being lifted next week, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan said masks will still be required on buses and trains. A quarantine period may be required if you return to Italy after going abroad.

A directive issued by Chicago says that travelers from Missouri and Arkansas without a vaccine must quarantine for 10 days or have a negative COVID-19 test. Republicans and some Democrats opposed extending emergency declarations by Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont, as normalcy should return by now. According to the move, certain settings still require masks.

There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in Alabama, a rise attributed to low vaccination rates, and a military base in Alabama requires vaccine proof before troops can go maskless at night. Fort Rucker, where the Army’s aviation program is located, implemented the measure Tuesday.

Even though the global figures are troubling, they remain well below the alarming numbers seen recently.

Global deaths have dropped to about 7,900 per day seven months into the vaccination drive, down from over 18,000 per day in January. At its peak in late April, there were 450,000 cases per day.

Several countries are under “considerable pressure” to remove all remaining precautions, but the WHO emphasized that failing to do so correctly will result in the virus spreading more quickly.  To counter the rise in cases of measles, there is increasing pressure to increase vaccination rates.

The Health Commissioner for New York City, Dr. Dave Chokshi, encouraged everyone who has been waiting if they have been on the fence to sign up and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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