The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 Recap “Potluck”

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

Rebecca Moline will direct the script written by Mark Roseman, and episode 14 will air on Monday, April 11, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the NBC television network.

Potluck” Recap Of The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14

“Potluck” A hallucinogen-laced dish is unintentionally brought to the hospital’s office potluck, and doctors Murphy, Glassman, and Allen are forced to take on all of the cases at the hospital.

The different work approaches of doctors Murphy and Glassman are exacerbated even further due to this.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 Recap

Promotional video for The Good Doctor season 5, episode 14: A pinch of craziness at the hospital: 

This week’s episode of ABC’s medical drama will be significant since it will impact practically all of the doctors and staff members involved.

As depicted in the trailer, one of the doctors begins to experience hallucinations while performing a surgical procedure. Snippets from the video show doctors and other staff members posing for embarrassing photographs.

This sickness will be disseminated during the hospital’s potluck meal on Friday. Whatever they’ve drunk has psychedelic characteristics, according to the promotional video.

Bria Henderson’s Jordan Allen (Jordan Allen) will be the only squad member who will not be harmed.


Even though Morgan and Shaun are at a hospital potluck, Shaun refuses to eat anything. Andrews can’t seem to get anything to work. Shaun is called upon to assist the patient when a patient’s toe gets chopped off.

During this time, Asher’s boyfriend is organizing a get-together for his friends who have traveled from out of town to spend the weekend with her.

After a hiccup in the operating room, Lim is convinced that she has seen a snake slithering out of the patient’s body.

Her stomach churns as she thinks about it. Shaun notes that everyone on the second-floor acts while he is on the second floor. 

Morgan informs Shaun that there was poison at the potluck. Lea throws a punch at Shaun. Asher’s monologue is primarily concerned with how his boyfriend does not want him to meet with his friends.

Park wants Morgan to put a recliner in the living area, and he has given Morgan specific instructions.

She has a high temperature and speaks in a baby-like voice, so Shaun decides to examine her more. Since there is a storm in New York City, the rest of the workforce cannot return to their posts.

The remainder of the crew is instructed to hunt for commonalities between sick personnel while Andrews is sick himself.

Andrews and Lim are both on the verge of passing out in the emergency room while they converse. Andrews and Lim are divided on whether Lim’s manner is passive-aggressive or not.

Lim informs Andrews that she does not believe his assertion that he is uninterested in running for President of the United States. 

He’s a gigantic egotist, to put it mildly. Andrews states that she has just the proper amount of turmoil in her life to maintain her equilibrium. Andrew’s clothes are too tight for Lim, and he doesn’t like them. The nurse informs them that they must refrain from chatting.

Morgan is on a mission to find out what Lea had for lunch, and she needs your help. Morgan’s hair appears to be on fire, and Lea responds by giving her a lengthy lecture about the quality of each dish and its possible hallucinogenic characteristics.

Morgan instructs Lea to inquire into the lives of those around her.

Jordan is aware of Shaun’s dissatisfaction with Glassman. He does not have the authority to stop Glassman’s speech from her perspective.

Jordan is left to close a patient on her own due to Shaun’s decision to do so. Glassman treats him with decency and courtesy when a guy refuses to take a day off due to business obligations.

Upon further investigation, he discovers that a man had entertained himself by inserting a toothbrush into his rectum. His pace is too fast for the nurses to keep up with him.

During this period, Glassman and his patient talk about the patient’s overall stress level. Lea travels around the office, asking everyone what they had for lunch to find out what they had.

Asher expresses his displeasure to Park, but Park is too drunk to be of any assistance. 

And now he realizes that he has frightened his sweetheart by referring to him as such.

Following that, a lengthy lecture about the significance of being able to express oneself and not being tied to someone who keeps your recliner hidden upstairs concludes the evening.

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