GOP Opposition Reacts Harshly To President Biden’s Vaccination Rules

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 14, 2021

Members of the Republican Party have started to blast President Biden for his announcements on vaccine requirements. Some even call for civil disobedience.

GOP Opposition Reacts Harshly To President Biden’s Vaccination Rules

President Biden’s aggressive campaign to vaccinate millions of Americans against COVID 19 is facing stiff resistance from Republican members. From civil disobedience to lawsuits; they threaten him with everything at their disposal. The situation has resulted in the worst cultural war the country has ever witnessed since the start of the pandemic.

GOP Opposition Reacts Harshly To President Biden’s Vaccination Rules

The Governor of South Carolina said that he will fight against the pandemic as much as he can.  He wants to safeguard the freedom of choice and the livelihood of his people. Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota is planning to file a lawsuit. The person is a 2024 presidential candidate. A Conservative candidate running for a seat in the US Senate exhorted all businesses to ignore the mandate. According to him, this is President Biden’s attempt to threaten and to subvert the country. Some even call for civil obedience. Only such an attempt will save the country from Biden’s authoritarian measures.

President Biden, however, refuses to back down. He accused the Governors of playing with the lives of his people. He even dared those who want to file lawsuits to do the same.

The President’s action plan is an attempt to eradicate COVID 19. The daily average of infections due to the Delta variant is over 150000. The same is 1500 in the matter of deaths.

President Biden requires all firms with over 100 employees to require that every single person gets vaccinated. Otherwise, they should be asked to submit to weekly virus tests.  The rule will affect over 80000000 Americans. 17000000 more American health workers receiving the benefits of Medicare or Medicaid too will need to get vaccinated. The staff of the executive branch and contractors having dealt with the Federal Government too should get fully inoculated. 

The requirement outraged Republicans across the capitals of States. Those in Congress too opposed the move. It surprised even those who were involved in the vaccination campaign.  Vaccination saves a life, they observed. But this mandate is unconstitutional, they added.

According to Texas Governor, the right way is to inform and help the general public make the right choice. He always advocated for vaccination in his State.

Over 208000000 people have received at least the first dose of the vaccine in the US. 8000000 people still remain unvaccinated. They pose the risk of aggravating the infection. The number of infections has increased up to 300%. This is more than two times higher than that of the same during the previous year.

Breakthrough infections do happen. But such infections tend to be mild or moderate. Almost all hospitalizations and deaths happen among unvaccinated people.

The number of infections is the highest in those States who vehemently criticizes President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

For instance, the average number of daily infections in South Carolina is 5000. And it ranks 2nd in the country, data shows. One hospital network there had to cancel elective surgeries to deal with the surge of hospitalizations due to COVID 19.

Certain hospitals in Idaho have imposed certain crisis-related restrictions to ensure care for those infected with the virus. Hospitals in Georgia are sending back ambulances carrying patients who need ICU beds.

President Biden, in the meantime, is disappointed with certain Republican Governors. They are playing with the health of the youngsters of the country. He also warned that it is not a game.

Certain Republicans and even some among the Union Officials say that this is an over-reach of the President’s constitutional authority. They are against the idea of the loss of jobs of millions if they refuse to receive their shots against Coronavirus. Health officials, on the other hand, are quite disappointed about the bad campaign.

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