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Gottlieb Puts Pressure On Social Media To Curb Covid Vaccine Misinformation

Gottlieb believes that social media firms are starting to fall short of their responsibility to regulate the spread of Covid-19 vaccine misinformation, that is on their platforms. Facebook and Twitter, who are currently the networking giants, allow accounts to amass massive followings and to be verified, handing over those particular users a franchise, in an appearance, Gottlieb said, on “Squawk Box”.

Gottlieb Puts Pressure On Social Media To Curb Covid Vaccine Misinformation

He adds that if these massive networking platforms are giving people a big platform to distribute significant information, they are also known to have an obligation to watch out for or proofread the information that is being distributed. For what it may be, in some cases, they are not doing it but it is definite that they have an affirmative responsibility here.

Gottlieb Puts Pressure On Social Media To Curb Covid Vaccine Misinformation

Regarding what Gottlieb said, a Facebook spokesperson was seen declining to leave any remark on Gottlieb’s comments. Twitter was seen not responding at all to a request for comment. But what comments are in a hype are those of Joe Biden, who stated on Friday that platforms like Facebook are killing individuals by letting Covid vaccine misinformation spread on their platforms.

Meanwhile, Biden did walk back some of that sentence on Monday stating he instead meant to make accusations about a dozen of users and not the social media platform itself, about spreading false information about the Coronavirus vaccines.

All this was followed by the White House press secretary who is Jen Psaki. Psaki earlier that day, stated that the administration was identifying problematic posts on the social media platform, Facebook, which was misleading or wrong information about the vaccines. Psaki added a few suggestions or steps, as she says, Facebook and various other social media platforms can take to battle false narratives such as publicly sharing the effect of misinformation on their services or promoting quality information, or taking smoother actions against harmful posts.

Facebook was seen disputing the remarks that were thrown out of the White House and a company spokesperson stated that the platform has displayed authoritative information regarding Covid-19 and its vaccines or anything that is related strictly to the Virus, and also has encountered individuals to use its vaccine finder tool. Facebook was seen proving their points with regards to the comments being made from the White House towards them.

Gottlieb is known to be serving the board of Covid-19 vaccine maker, Pfizer, stated on Twitter that not just Facebook is known to be responsible for holding the vaccine misinformation. Those who are currently working to address the issue are targetting Facebook, which is the focus group, due to many people specifically pin-pointing to information they view on the website.

Gottlieb says the line is when one is putting out particular information that is knowingly fake and that line has been crossed, he thinks. When one is putting out fake scientific data, in a way is highly misleading. He also adds that this is easy to Police.

Death rates due to Covid-19 are seen to be rising rapidly once again in the US, as the highly contagious strain of the Covid-19 which is the Delta variant spreads in largely unvaccinated communities as per CDC. More than 161 million citizens of America are known to be fully vaccinated although the rate of shots that have been reported daily has come down to a lower pace dramatically in the past few months, again, as per CDC.

Gottlieb is not seen giving up on urging the CDC to track down all the breakthrough infections occurring in vaccinated individuals and not just those among infected people who have been hospitalized currently.

Gottlieb mentions that it is an overwhelming number but in the US, we are not tracking it well and that is the bottom line. The United States of America should be tracking it and also have a better sense of everything or not as this is a highly transmissible strain also infecting the vaccinated.

CNBC was told, by Gottlieb, that he believes the US is largely underestimating the numbers of coronavirus cases caused by the delta variant, especially the cases that have been coming particularly from vaccinated people who tend to have symptoms or a breakthrough case which in turn makes it difficult to understand if the variant is causing higher than the usual, death rates and hospitalization rates.

Individuals who have been recently infected with the virus and seem to have a low risk of infection should still get their vaccinations to develop a robust and durable immunity, Gottlieb states. He adds that based on the information that we have, the existing vaccine is quite protective against the delta strain and a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccine should just be an additional dose of the present vaccine.

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