How To Grow Out Your Hair – From Thyroid To Stress?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 31, 2022

Studies have proved various theories on what could be the reason for your hair health deterioration. Seeing your hair graying, thinning, or losing its glow may all be due to any other underlying health issues.

Why Hair Fall Due To Thyroid?

Dry hair may give rise to uncontrollable dandruff.  But is that causing any serious health concerns? Never would you go through a serious health problem when you have dandruff around. But there are a few things in life that affect your physical appearance, especially the precious hair that you own.

How To Grow Out Your Hair From Thyroid To Stress

Below are  6 important points that we have to look into, which will help you analyze why your hair has been affected all this while.

Stressed out life

There may be a number of reasons that put your thoughts away from happiness. Overthinking may lead to stress. Stress can turn out to be a chronic condition that would transform your hair into gray or white. This may be due to damage affecting your DNA. It’s important to skip chances that have probable stress tendencies in life. It also may increase the oxidation level and does nothing good in your life. So staying away from a toxic environment, would help you cope with stress

Low Protein

As we grow old, the amount of protein in our body drops, which makes it essential for us to intake more protein-rich foods. Proteins might digest slower for people suffering from gastric problems. In some cases, it might be hereditary, and taking a doctor’s help will be considered the right decision. Fish, Milk, and Egg are all easily available and you can keep your protein levels optimal.

Thyroid Malfunctioning

When your thyroid gland does not produce the right amount of T3 and T4 hormones, you will realize it late that the metabolic activity in your body has been impacted. People dealing with thyroid problems may enter hypothyroidism and lose more hair. It might also change their hair color to gray or white but the loss of hair is due to a less amount of Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine being produced in the body. Depending on the body type, people may experience weight gain and fatigue which is due to a weakened immunity level. You can try going through a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test to further assess your condition and find a solution to solve your health problem.


If your body doesn’t receive the right amount of iron, then it may not do right for your body. Uncontrollable hair loss should be taken seriously if the amount of hair shedding is continuing for a while. It’s not always a serious problem but Anaemia might be a reason that hair has been shedding heavily. If it’s iron deficiency, intake of iron might help you a lot with solving hair graying or hair loss problems.

Cushing’s syndrome

When the cortisol levels have been at an extremely high level for quite some time, then you might have to deal with Cushing’s syndrome. Your hair might not be looking that great anymore and leave your hair to be brittle. The condition might leave you with fatigue or ache on your back. Proper attention is needed and fixing it on time might spare you from a lifelong Cushing’s condition.


If your hair is irritated and you feel exhausted, then it might be due to overheating or coloring your hair very often. If you are someone who does a daily routine for your hair by blowing or ironing, then it’s obvious that maintaining your hair would turn out to be difficult. You will see that your mail would have turned dry due to damage. So you must apply any lotion or cream that acts as a protective layer, to maintain your hair quality. You will be able to find out serums in the market to bring back your hair’s glow

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