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Guy Who Had Been Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Died Of Covid Nine Years After He Was Exonerated

The death of Damon Thibodeaux, who spent the past nine years reclaiming his life after being cleared of murder and freed from jail, has been attributed to complications from the Covid-19 virus.

Damon, 47, was wrongfully convicted in Louisiana around 1997 and has since been employed as a commercial truck driver in Austin, Texas, where he has lived since his release from jail in 2012. According to his brother, he had put his life back together.

Guy Who Had Been Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Died Of Covid Nine Years After He Was Exonerated

Damon was on the road, only a few days after receiving his second Moderna vaccination injection, when he began experiencing signs of the virus, according to his father, David. After a few days into his trip at the beginning of August, Damon phoned David to tell him he wasn’t feeling well and that he needed to see a doctor.

Guy Who Had Been Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Died Of Covid Nine Years After He Was Exonerated

The two brothers spoke every day. “When I said to him that it seemed like he was congested, he replied that he wasn’t feeling well and that he was completely tired. He was under the impression that he was suffering from a sinus ailment. “David shared his thoughts.

Damon was driving a truck from New York to Jacksonville, Florida, and had informed his brother that he would go to the hospital after completing his delivery job. When Damon landed in Florida, he immediately phoned David to inform him that he was on his way to an emergency clinic. David claims that he passed out now and fell on his face as he was waiting for the bus. Damon didn’t respond to my emails for three or four days after he sent them.

Damon, according to David, went from bad to worse. Because he was unable to breathe on his own, his oxygen levels fell, and he was placed on a ventilator to keep him alive. For almost a week, the couple exchanged texts on a daily basis. According to David, Damon’s health fluctuated a lot throughout the night. His brother said that he had transitioned from the ventilator to oxygen and was no longer infected with Covid but that he was still suffering from pneumonia.

Damon’s health began to recover gradually, according to David, after a period of time. His last words to David were on Tuesday before he died when he informed him that if his oxygen level hit 95 percent or higher, the medical team would remove the oxygen tube and see how he performed on his own. David professed his love for Damon, and the two made arrangements to meet in Texas to collect Damon.

David received a phone call from the hospital later that night. He was informed by medical personnel that his lungs had collapsed and that his heart had failed. It was hard for him to comprehend what was occurring since he had just talked to his brother hours earlier, and Damon did not have any pre-existing problems.

However, after learning that doctors had been attempting to restart his heart for 45 minutes, David realized his brother had passed away. He granted authorization to the hospital to halt the procedure.

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