Gym Memberships Drain Your Wallet? Let’s Work Out Without A Gym

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 30, 2021

Worried about maintaining a shape amidst a pandemic, or is your gym membership overwhelming your wallet? These are certain obvious questions that we are encountered with while thinking of body fitness. It is important to understand that a balanced full-body workout is possible even without a gym membership or flooding your room with gym equipment.

Gym Memberships Drain Your Wallet? Let’s Work Out Without A Gym

The only thing we require is to streamline a fixed schedule and inculcate it into our normal routine.

Let’s Work Out Without A Gym

We need not go for tougher alternatives while thinking of gym replacements; rather, simple exercises like resistance workouts during short breaks and a night walk just after dinner would do wonders for our body metabolism.

Bodyweight – Exceptional Equipment

These exercises generally require resistance; using your body against the pull of gravity would potentially replace the barbells, squat racks, and weight stack machines. Holding a plank up to a minute or a stringing series of push-ups can really take tooth and nail to continue. It requires a lot of muscles to lift your body, enhancing muscular strength, endurance and power.

Replacing The Elliptical Machines

Subbing to an elliptical machine could be any form of exercise that would make your heart race a bit faster, like skipping, playing in your back yard or just a 15-minute walk. It would contribute to cardiovascular endurance to a great extent. Of course, it is not for you if you aim to be a sportsman or wish for a higher level of fitness as it would demand some more intensity in your workout schedule. But for a simple, active and fit lifestyle, these simple exercises are the best alternatives. For replacing the deadlifts, one can go for glute bridges, Bulgarian Split lunges, or curl-ups.

There are a variety of guidelines available online that one can visit like the ‘No Equipment’ section of the ACE Exercise Database and Library to know about the varieties of home-based body-weight exercises.

A Combination Of Cardio And Resistance Exercises

For a complete body-fitness schedule, Circuit-training is something we can integrate within our routines. It would take you through a series of exercises, elevating your breathing rate and heart rate more than a resistance exercise. It is a complete package with the trio of muscular endurance, aerobic conditioning and muscular strength.

Make It Happen

It is not at all strange to pick up a schedule as a part of the New Year’s resolution and by the end of February, the schedule has vanished. All it requires is the willpower to stick to it even if it demands a bit more energy. The correct selection of the combination of exercises to work upon all the major muscles would help build a balanced program. There are certain combinations that can be injurious like doing all the chest exercises but no back exercises could be dangerous if not monitored properly.

It is overwhelming to know that the equipment-less workout would really make us fit. A little bit of stretching exercises would help increase flexibility, which is the initial step of any workout.

There are certain things we need to follow up on when we try to inculcate in our lives. Those are

  • Setting new challenges each day, working a bit harder than yesterday would never make us regret our decision to drop the gym.
  • A motivating support system would make the deal easier. Having someone by your side to keep a check on you or join you in your workouts would create wonders.
  • It works in a slow process, small steps each day would create a huge difference in the long run.
  • Exercises do not need to be fixed in a lawsuit for it to work effectively. One can remain fit enjoying the normal games we play to freshen up ourselves.

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