Hajimari Reviews: A Lightweight Flying Spinner For Entertainment! 

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 24, 2021

Hey friends, if you are searching for an Hajimari review, it is the right place for you to get an honest review. 

The pandemic time influences my family members to engage in the mobile phone throughout the day. I too were busy with my work and did not spend time with my kids.

Hajimari is the lightweight, flying spinner that has a multicolor full spectrum light show.  It is legal in all 50 states and I talk with a few customers of Hajimari across these countries. 

Hajimari Reviews: Is This Boomerang Ball Worth Trying?

Recently my colleague suggested this Hajimari Boomerang Ball and I searched on the internet about this Hajimari. There is much review about this drone technology and most of the comments explain that the Hajimari is proper fun for kids. But after using the Hajimari, I can say that the flying ball is one of the calmatives for me. 

So, you can get a genuine Hajimari review by reading below mentioned features, fun tricks, pros, cons, and more. If you are planning to try the Hajimari, take a glance at this review. 

Hajimari Reviews
Product NameHajimari
Main BenefitsA fun-filled entertainment solution
Item FormBoomerang Ball
Main FeaturesMotion Activated, Drop Resistant, Mechanically powered
Age RangeKids
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Hajimari?

Hajimari is a freakishly fun flying spinner for endless entertainment and it has LED lights that light up anywhere. It is made up of high-quality components that assure excellent durability and longevity. 

This high-tech Hajimari Spinner floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, and returns to you like a boomerang. The advanced technology in the Hajimari spinner allows it to soar over 100 feet. It is a drop-resistant, motion-activated, mechanically powered, and magically controlled spinner that gives more fun to your life. 

There is only a minimal setup to function the Hajimari when it is right out of the box. It is simple to use and anyone can easily become the master of the Hajimari. You can learn new skills and improve your hand-eye coordination. 

You can reduce your screen time and stay more active by using the Hajimari. 

Main Features

Motion Activated: You can easily turn it on and shake it to start the fun. It hovers in midair wherever you leave it and continuously spins with the dynamic LED light, over 100 feet. Then Hajimari returns to you like a boomerang. 

Drop Resistant: Hajimari spinner is drop resistant. The Official website claims that there will be no damage at all when it dropped on the screen. 

Mechanically powered: The work of the Hajimari is mechanical. The spin, light, and boomerang actions are mechanically powered. So, it eases the control over the spinner. 

Magically Controlled: You can control the Hajimari with magic wands and it is one of the attractive features of this spinner. 

Rechargeable: Hajimari is rechargeable. It offers fast charging and is quite durable. 

LED Lights: The Hajimari offers a multi-color full spectrum light show. You can light up by shaking the spinner. 

Hajimari features

What Are the Fun Tricks in Hajimari?

Hajimari offers fun flying with perpetual entertainment. It spins with the LED lights and gives a good playtime. 

The device can retrace its path quickly and it is the most interesting factor in the spinner. Here are some of the fun tricks related to Hajimari. 

Down under: It is tossing the ball in the air and returning to the user through the same path. 

Master of illusion: Hajimari spins above the user’s palm and there will be no contact with each other. 

The climb: In this, the user toss-up the Hajimari straight and it flies higher and higher. 

Magic wands: You can use Hajimari with a companion. You can pass the spinner to your companion with the use of a magic band. This magic wand is purchased separately. 

Hajimari fun tricks

How does Hajimari Work?

The working of Hajimari is simple and you can be the master of Hajimari with a few simple tricks. You can power on the Hajimari with a single click. You can shake and toss the spinner. Then it flies instantly and returns back through the same path.

The LED light is one of the significant features of the  Hajimari. When you shake the spinner, you can see the multi-color full spectrum light show in the Hajimari flying ball. 

Hajimari can recharge very fast and it has a good battery life also. Hajimari can operate in various ways and you can try different tricks in a simple way. 

Hajimari Working

What’s to like & What’s not to like


  • It uses drone technology
  • It can be easily operated with just a few steps. 
  • The presence of LED lights
  • Quick and convenient to set up
  • Safe design to children 


  • Shipping fees may apply 
  • Magic wands should purchase separately to play with a companion. 

Is Hajimari Boomerang ball Worth Buying?

Hajimari Boomerang ball seems to be worth trying. Because most of the reviews suggest that the spinner is a good solution for stress relief. It can be entertainment to both kids and adults. 

The flying ball is easy and simple to use. It can be controlled by even kids and the designs are very safe to operate. The official website claims that the spinners are drop-resistant. 

Besides, the Hajimari offers a 30-days cashback offer. If you are not satisfied with this toy, you can return the purchased spinner and get your money back. Overall, Hajimari seems to be worth trying. 

Hajimari Customer reviews and Complaints

I directly collect the reviews from the customers of the Hajimari. Most of the customers were satisfied with the spinner and a few felt discomfort. Here are some of the Hajimari customer reviews from my own data collection. 

👉Emma Oliver, Alaska

This Hajimari brings much fun to my family. Both the kids and adults play together with this little toy. It is easy to use and the design is safe for children. Recently Hajimari is the favorite toy of my daughter. 

👉Robert Noah, New Jersey

It helps me to take a break from the screen and have fun with my family. Currently, it is the main stress-relief thing in my life. It charges fast and is quite durable. It is easy to be a master of the Hajimari and we can try various tricks using it. 

👉Patricia John, Texas

Our whole family uses this toy indoors and outdoors. It looks so cool when all the members play together. But I suggest increasing the durability of the battery life. It would have been more interesting. 

Hajimari Customer reviews

Hajimari Pricing And How to get it?

There are 4 packages available on the official website of Hajimari. Here are the details of those packages:

Buy 1 at $ 59.99  and save 35%

Buy 2 at $ 119.99 and save 35%

Buy 3 at $ 134.99 and save 51%

Buy 4 at $ 564.99 and save 55%

It seems like a better price when compared with the advanced technology offered by the Hajimari. You can purchase this flying LED ball from the official website. The sites such as Amazon also sell replicas of this spinner. But it is better to avoid those replicas to avoid complications. You can pay through GPay, PayPal, or with a credit card. 

Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee?

The official website of Hajimari offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this little toy, you can return the purchased spinner and get your cashback. 

Final Take on Hajimari Reviews

By considering the whole facts, the Hajimari seems to be a good option for stress relief. It gives more pleasure to the entire surroundings. This simple flying ball helps to reduce screen time and allows to have more fun with family and all. 

According to Hajimari review, It is legal in all 50 states in the US and it can sour over 100 feet. It is made up of high-quality components that assure the excellent and smooth function of the flying ball. 

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and allow you to use it with a magic wand too. The official website of the Hajimari claims a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So it is safe to try the Hajimari Boomerang orb. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hajimari is rechargeable?

Hajimari can ber recharge fast and the charge is quite durable. 

How can I purchase the Hajimari?

Hajimari is only available on the official website. But there are replicas of Hajimari on other sites such as Amazon. But it is safe to purchase from the official website. 

Does Hajimari offer a money-back guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with the Hajimari, you can simply return the device and get your cashback. It is available for 30 days. 

How big is Hajimari?

Hajimari is a small device that can be easily operated. And the designs are children friendly too. 

How many packages are available to purchase the Hajimari?

Currently, 4 packages of Hajimari are available on the official website. Please check the official website for more info. 


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