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Harvard Affiliated Hospitals Finishes Initial Endeavour Of COVID-19 Vaccinations

As per the endeavour to vaccinate, the affiliated hospitals of Harvard complete their attempt to deliver the initial doses to prioritized health care workers.

The health care workers started to receive their shots of the vaccine against COVID-19 by the Harvard-affiliated hospitals early in December as nationwide hospitals are in their attempt to guard the workers against the deadly virus.

Harvard Affiliated Hospitals Finishes Initial Endeavour Of COVID-19 Vaccinations

Records showed that the Mass General Brigham hospital network could give 39,309 initial doses of the vaccine earlier.

Harvard Affiliated Hospitals Finishes Initial Endeavour Of COVID-19 Vaccinations

For the second dose of the vaccine, a total number of 4,602 doses were administered by last Tuesday. The Boston Children’s Hospital could administer 7,606 initial doses and 2,306 of the second doses by Wednesday of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine among employees.

The initial vaccination process in the Harvard hospitals was troublesome. The process had to overcome issues like the collapse of the sign-up vaccine.

The vaccination process also received complaints from employees as the administrations avoided workers who are most exposed to COVID-19 getting prioritized to receive the vaccine. 

In Massachusetts, the timeline for distributing vaccine doses underwent divisions to prioritize health care workers who are more at risk to get infected with the virus.

They are more prone to the virus as they get exposed to COVID-19 patients. This categorization was according to what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued. After the healthcare workers, the next category comes with staff and residents of long-term care facilities. 

An app was created by Mass General Brigham to enroll those who are eligible. However, the app crashed on Dec.16. The next day, when the issues were cleared in the app, all the available slots were booked within no time.

Many eligible people couldn’t book their slots due to the rush the next day including a nurse named Jennifer M. DeVincent, in the neonatal ICU who was busy caring for babies while the website was active for sign-ups.

She missed her chance as the hospital ran out of the available stocks of shots. It was obvious that she came into contact with the new mothers who were already contracted with the coronavirus.

She said that many, who don’t come under direct contact with the patients were able to get the doses. Whereas, the frontline workers come in contact with hundreds of patients every day, including doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists. Most of them work in the emergency rooms and the COVID ICUs. 

Another nurse named Katie E Murphy had a similar experience. She said that she liked scheduling the appointment to receive the vaccine, but only got an appointment after trying many times even though she works at a COVID-19 ICU.

Both the nurses said that they could receive their shots only during the end of the initial phase and have booked their appointments for the second dose.

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