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Health Officials Recommend Flu Vaccine To Prevent A Twin-Demic

Delta variant of COVID 19 virus continues to surge in the US. At the same time, the country is bracing for a flu epidemic. Health officials are now pleading to the country to get inoculated against both the flu and COVID 19.

CDC understands that America is frustrated with the discussion about vaccination. But taking a flu shot this year is of utmost importance.

Health Officials Recommend Flu Vaccine To Prevent A Twin-Demic

The agency’s Director received her flu shot in recent days. She used to do it from the time she began preparing for her current profession in 1995.

The country is bracing for the return of the flu season. Last year, the number of flu cases was quite low. That happened because of the lockdown.

Health Officials Recommend Flu Vaccine To Prevent A Twin-Demic

The safety measures the country took against COVID 19 protected it from the viruses that infect the lungs. But things are entirely different this time.

Businesses are re-opening. Foreign travel is about to begin. Schools are opening. And people are eager to get rid of masks from their life.

In such an instance, the country has no idea what to expect this flu season.

Health officials, however, are concerned. RSV, a virus that attacks kids during winter came back in summer the moment people did away with masking. Officials don’t know if it was the warning of something worse. Whatever is the scenario, experts are requesting everyone to get inoculated for flu and COVID 19. You can receive either the first, second, or third dose of a COVID 19 jab along with a flu shot.

CDC advises that everyone should receive a flu vaccine each year. It starts from six-month-old infants. Influenza makes the elderly and under-aged children severely ill. People suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes too are at high risk of dying from the flu.

During the previous fall, up to 50% of the US received their flu shot. It was the same before the pandemic. CDC, however, was slightly disappointed last time. There was a decrease in childhood vaccination. And racial inequities were more prevalent at the time. 45% Hispanics and 43% black Americans received their flu shot last year. The same was 56% among the whites.

CDC hopes to receive up to 200000000 doses of flu shots this year. Everyone who has insurance can avail of the flu shot without having to co-pay.  The insurance covers regular vaccines, booster doses for the elderly, and nasal spray.

Health experts believe that the four types of viruses that international scientists predict would spread the same in the US.

Health officials, in the meantime, are urging the elderly and those suffering from chronic ailments to inquire about receiving a pneumonia vaccine. The illness is a complication that accompanies flu among those with chronic diseases.

Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV) is administered to those above 65 years of age and to those suffering from chronic diseases. Children above 2 years of age are eligible for this vaccine. The jab teaches your body to generate antibodies capable of destroying pneumococcal bacteria. These proteins kill the organisms that contain these bacteria.  This way, you stay from severe illness if infected with pneumonia.

The vaccine is quite effective in children. It is 50% effective in adults.

Vaccines against pneumonia are almost free from complications. It may have certain side effects common to others of the kind. They cure within 2-3 days.

You may receive the shot even if you are mildly ill. But avoid it if you have a very high temperature or are shivering.

Get your flu and COVID 19 vaccine at the earliest opportunity. That is the only way to prevent a twin demic.

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