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Health Officials Warned Against The Spread Of Covid Variants

The United States is reporting a decline in the new covid-19 cases these days. The infection rate, along with the death rate due to the infection, is on the decline. Many states and cities are therefore relaxing the covid-19 restrictions and some have lifted up the restrictions completely. It is hoped that this summer might be better.

Health Officials Warned Against The Spread Of Covid Variants

On the contrary, health officials are still concerned about the spread of the covid-19 infection. Since only about 54% of the adult population is vaccinated against the diseases, there are chances the infection might spread again. 

Health Officials Warned Against The Spread Of Covid Variants

Those who are still unvaccinated remain vulnerable to the virus. Health officials are warning especially against the more infectious and more fatal variants of the SARS-Cov2 virus. The officials are concerned that the recovery and progress that the nation has made so far might be wasted due to the spread of the new variant.

President Biden has set a vision of vaccinating about 70% of the adult population by the start of July. But as per the weekly data released by the centre for diseases control and prevention, only 64% of the adult population has received the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. The CDC has also reported that only 54% of the adult population is fully vaccinated. President Biden’s goal is yet to meet.

Trials are going on for children, but still, the approval is not yet given to start vaccinating kids above 12. Although, many are emphasizing the need to vaccinate the young age group against the virus. 

Though many states have a rigorous vaccination drive and are likely to achieve the target of vaccinating the majority of the population, many states still have a really low vaccination rate. As per CDC, many states are about to hit the 70% benchmark very soon.

But the vaccination drive has slowed this month as compared to the month of April, when the vaccination rate was at its peak. As per the weekly report by CDC, the average rate of the number of people being vaccinated against the virus is declining. Last week the average came out to be around 1 million people per day that were administered with the covid-19 vaccine. 

As compared to the previous week, an increase of about 822,177 people was reported who have received the dose.

Many states have a vaccinated population below 50%. CDC has reported a few states where the vaccination drive is not as expected. Health officials have blamed the social and economic lines apart from the geographical conditions for a slow vaccination pace. 

Officials are concerned that many people are still hesitant about receiving a vaccine and the spread of misinformation surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines and the infection itself have restricted the vaccination progress. 

According to Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a medical analyst at CNN, many people are still getting misinformation about the vaccines. The doubts in people’s mind are proving very dangerous for the nation and to those who believe such rumors.

Reports have shown that the vaccination program has controlled the spread of the deadly infection. BioNtech’s Pfizer has proved to be an effective tool against the covid-19 infection. It has shown a high efficacy even against the worrisome new variants that are known to be more contagious and fatal. This also includes the recent variant B.1.617.2, the delta variant, which was identified in India

However, the new variants of the virus will continue emerging with the persistence of the pandemic. But as per the researchers, it has never been the case that the new variants can completely bypass a vaccine. The health officials are emphasizing that the vaccination drive will keep a check on the spread of even the new variants. 

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