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Health Officials Worry Of COVID 19 Surges After Hurricane Ida

The State of Louisiana was already facing the brunt of the recent COVID 19 surge before the hurricane.

Hurricane Ida left a trail of destruction in Louisiana. Authorities began to assess the same on Monday.

Health officials, however, are worried about the situation behind closed doors and covered windows. During the storm, people will be in shelters. They may not have access either to testing for COVID 19 or medical care at the time. This, according to them, is sure to worsen the situation for COVID 19 patients.

Health Officials Worry Of COVID 19 Surges After Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana at a critical time. Its hospitals were already packed with COVID 19 patients. The situation was the worst the state had ever witnessed. The highly contagious Delta virus along with the hurricane, authorities fear, will lead to a man-made disaster.

Health Officials Worry Of COVID 19 Surges After Hurricane Ida

Doctors have already warned that the pandemic will grow worse in the Southern States. When a storm strikes, no one is going to leave windows and doors open. This makes the air stagnant in a place. The scenario creates a perfect setting for the transmission of viruses that cause lung infections. Delta variant becomes all the more virulent in such an environment. This poses a risk even for those fully vaccinated.

Doctors were forced to send their vaccinated loved ones along with unvaccinated people as part of the evacuation. Every single individual affected by the storm is taking a great risk.

The State Governor also acknowledged the risk of facing a hurricane at the time of a pandemic. The situation, according to him, presents a tough challenge.

The State is asking those evacuating to get into hotels. This, they believe, will minimize the possibility of an outbreak during the storm. It is also asking shelters to put COVID 19 safety protocols in places like social distancing and the use of face covers.

Louisiana deployed the same strategies when another storm slammed it; Laura. It happened in 2020. It was grappling with the same pandemic at the time.

Laura did not cause an outbreak. But the highly transmissible Delta variant is a cause of concern.

Doctors expect this season to be worse.

The effect of the storm is not going to be limited to those who had to evacuate. Several places will not have power. Ant may take several weeks before they can bring it back. This implies that people are going to suffer due to the extreme southern heat with no air conditioners to comfort them.

The atmosphere at present itself is humid enough. If someone is down with a fever, there is always the likelihood of him getting dehydrated. This may lead to other life-threatening complications.

This may even affect the availability of clean water. This is sure to add up to their worries.

Furthermore, no one is going to come out to get tested for COVID 19 during a lockdown. Still, experts appeal to the residents; maintain the safety protocols.

Wear masks and maintain social distance as much as possible.

This is the general trend; when people face a new disaster, they tend to forget the old one.

Do the following to stay safe in the extreme heat:

  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Don’t rely on your fan. Use it just to filter out the hot air in the room.
  • Stick to a light diet. Heavy food items require your body to stress out.
  • Don’t leave your food in the sun. You may use ice packs to cool it.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Be attentive to your friends in trouble.
  • Don’t hesitate to request for help if required.
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