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Health Professionals: Eliminate Parasite Drugs For COVID 19 Treatment

Experts and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry are batting for the elimination of an age-old parasite drug when treating COVID 19.

Ivermectin is an FDA-approved medicine. It is used to treat roundworms and other small parasites in men and animals. But certain countries in the world are using it to treat COVID 19. Health professionals across the globe are using this age-old drug in the treatment of COVID 19. They do it despite repeated warnings that this may cause serious side effects. There is also no sufficient evidence to suggest that it will help. Health professionals across the globe are campaigning against its use to treat the virus infection.

Health Professionals: Eliminate Parasite Drugs For COVID 19 Treatment

The US is now witnessing the fourth wave of COVID 19. And people are turning to Ivermectin for relief from its symptoms. Federal authorities and health officials are seeing a concerning increase in its use among the general public. Certain doctors also prescribe the medicine. There are even reports of its overdose.

Health Professionals: Eliminate Parasite Drugs For COVID 19 Treatment

A jail in Arkansas too offered this medicine to its inmates for COVID 19. This, they did, despite warnings from health officials against its danger. A renowned vaccine-hesitant podcaster recently announced that he tested positive for the virus. He began taking Ivermectin.

Certain republicans, doctors, and some reputed talk shows promote Ivermectin. They use social networking platforms for this purpose. This has given ammunition to hundreds and thousands of vaccine-reluctant Americans. Countries like Brazil and India use this medicine.

Recently, a group of eminent medical professionals appealed to the country that it should stop using this medicine for COVID 19. It should be used only for research. Physicians should warn patients against using this drug. Studies are going on across the globe on the effectiveness of Ivermectin against COVID 19.

This appeal comes in the wake of Federal and State agencies monitoring the complications and hospitalizations linked with this drug.

States like Louisiana are alerting the general public on the use of Ivermectin. The number of calls to poison control centers is on the rise. Certain animal feeds stores too are facing a shortage of this medicine. People are buying it in large quantities to test it for COVID 19. There exists no evidence to suggest that Ivermectin will work against COVID 19 in any manner.

Ivermectin tablets are used to treat internal infections due to parasites among animals. Its ointment kills head flies and others of the kind. The medicine kills the worms and destroys their offspring. Certain websites also claim that animal versions of the drug work against COVID 19 viruses. FDA is striving to bust such myths.

According to the agency, consuming Ivermectin in large quantities can cause serious complications. Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, delirium, and seizures are some of the drug’s side effects. It may even cause death.

Doctors say that consuming doses meant for human beings up to three times is not that dangerous. But the ones made for animals contain 1000 times higher doses than what human beings need.

Reaching a toxic level with this drug is a breeze. If you consume a dose designed for a 2000-pound horse, you will definitely need urgent medical intervention to get rid of the poisonous effect.

Certain doctors prescribe this medicine for patients just a few doses annually. They prescribe it more in countries where parasite infections are common. But the exponential increase in the use of the drug is worrying, they say.

In August, pharmacies in the country provided 88000 prescriptions of this drug. This is 24 times higher than the same of the pre-pandemic time. Poison control agencies are reporting a five-fold increase in the number of calls after Ivermectin became widespread.

World agencies like WHO to are warning against its use outside research.

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