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Health Centers Ramp Up Vaccine Drives: Brookdale Senior Living Wants Vaccination For Staffs

Health care centers and nursing homes are gearing up to vaccinate its staffs with the resurgence of coronavirus cases all over the US. CEO of Brookdale Senior Living, Cindy Baier, required all its staff members and resident nurses to get the vaccine shots before continuing with their work. It is one of the largest operators of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities including memory care concerns in the US.

Brookdale Senior Living facilities are located across 41 states of the US, and according to Baier, 93 % of the residents have got vaccinated so far. She insisted that each and every one of the associates should get the vaccine doses. Their vaccination programs are now several months old, and even if their vaccination rates are good enough, they want it to be better without any exception.

Health Centers Ramp Up Vaccine Drives: Brookdale Senior Living Wants Vaccination For Staffs

Another large nursing home operator of the US, Genesis Healthcare, had earlier made an odd requirement for its workers to get the vaccine or lose their jobs. Several other health concerns besides long-term care and cooperation are posing stringent vaccination policies for their employees. United Airlines is one of them. The decisions of certain private companies have come as a big tremor to the nation’s vaccination status. The US health officials have taken stricter measures regarding Covid vaccination as the nation saw a considerable decrease in vaccination rates since spring.

Health Centers Ramp Up Vaccine Drives: Brookdale Senior Living Wants Vaccination For Staffs

According to the data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, later in July, the corona cases leaped to 38% amongst the nursing home residents. About 82% of them were fully vaccinated against the virus. However, CDC reported that the rates of vaccination were lower amongst health care staff and was estimated at around 59%.

Data from CDC also confirmed that the vaccination procedures have seen an increase in several other places of Southern states, due to a greater spread of the Delta cases of infection. The states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas have reported that the weekly average rates of the first dose of the vaccine were more than double since the beginning of the month of July.

Covid vaccinations can provide protection to vulnerable people who have complaints of low immunities. They minimize the need for hospitalizations and reduced the chances of getting infected. Earlier, the long-term care facilities or health staff were not given any form of protection against the virus, when the situation was at its peak and there were devastating outbreaks.

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 Presently reports confirm that the records are much better than last year, however, it needs to get better. The health care units account for a large section of older workers who are definitely more vulnerable to the disease. Many of them might suffer from co-morbidities that would aggravate the situation. With the rise in infection levels all over the nation, health sectors stand a more serious chance as the affected people get admitted there making it more dangerous for them. Providing vaccinations to staff that needs to travel between their workplaces and homes can play a major role in bringing down the rates of infections and preventing an outbreak from appearing.

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