Healthcare Staff Dissatisfied With New CDC Mask Guidelines

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 30, 2022

It was only last week that the center for public health and disease prevention in the country of the United States of America came out with the guideline that public health officials do not now need to wear masks every time and can take them off in intervals even at the time of the duty. It was basically in the light of the reduced amount of covered infections by the Healthcare workers during the last week’s statistics. 

But it seems like the health care workers are not pleased with the updated recommendations to drop the universal masking. It is particularly believed that the health care officials usually find them safe if they wear masks. In such a situation, it is usually believed that the mask provides a kind of Shield against infection, especially when they come in contact with different types of patients already suffering from different types of diseases. 

Doctors and health care workers came into contact with so many patients, and it was only for their safety that masks had to be worn. The government’s mandate was initially responsible for seeing this rule’s compliance universally. Still, now that relaxations have been granted, many people at the bottom level will once again become negligent during mass, due to which chances of Transmission might increase.

What Do They Say About This?

According to the statistics, it was believed that even before covid-19, mass prevented the infection by up to 17%. Now that the incidence of air-borne diseases has increased so much, it is always best to ensure that an attempt is made to view a mask whenever contact is established with the patient. It is a kind of precautionary measure that the health officials want to take on their own accord. 

Healthcare Staff Dissatisfied With New CDC Mask Guidelines

This will be helpful to increase the resistance to the virus and keep a country’s health care in a good position. All the hospital workers in California and New York have expressed their willingness to follow the recommendations of the government to avoid any unfortunate situation of the covid-19 blast. It will probably be in the best interest to think of different types of methods with the help of which additional guidance can be sought for enhancing the protection cover of the Healthcare officials because they have to be protected at every cost.

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The federation took steps

The Medical Association and the medical federations have continuously written to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to launch these guidelines for wearing masks. It is probably expected that the organization would once again reinforce these guidelines. The medical Association also forecasted the risk of another covid wave if care was not taken using this point in time. 

This is because an individual will have to suffer repeatedly from different problems, and the immunity would be compromised. Resistance would also be built against different types of infections, and ultimately the booster doses of the vaccines would not be effective in helping the individual to protect himself from any other mutated version of the virus. It is the best possible guideline according to which the people still want to take preventive measures, and the government should support them to fulfill this objective. 


It has to be concluded that an individual won’t function if he keeps on experimenting with his health, especially when it comes to health care workers; they have to be extremely protective. The individual should understand that it is only with the safety of the Healthcare workers that it will become possible for them to get the best kind of assistance over time.


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