Healthy Living Can Lower Your Odds For Alzheimer’s

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 1, 2021

If you know about Alzheimer’s disease, it has no cure which has come so far. But specialists have mentioned that it is possible to decrease the development of risk or increase in the cause. All can be possible just by adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

Alzheimer’s are of two types, first one usually affects those people who are below 65 and the second one affects people who are older and above 65. First type Alzheimer can be genetically linked and affects family after each passing time, said Doctor Chen Zhao.

Healthy Living Can Lower Your Odds For Alzheimer’s

He is a neurologist, who works at a medical center at Penn State. He also added that “the causes for the second type of Alzheimer’s are less clear and affect the patient due to the lifestyle combination as well as genetic factors. 

Healthy Living Can Lower Your Odds For Alzheimer’s

Well, some of the lifestyle changes and new factors can be added to a person’s life to benefit the health of the brain and decrease the risk of dementia.

The strongest adaptation can be to start doing physical activities to enhance the blood circulation and pumping of the heart. Physical activities and exercise play a great role in changing the mental state of a person which leads to an increase the brain function, said Zhao. 

There are some other factors that patients should adapt like eating a healthy diet, addition of green vegetables, meditation, and good quality sleep.

All these factors will influence the whole sole body of a person and it will help them maintain a good lifestyle to reduce the harmful effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Patients should also maintain a strong connection which their friends and families, socializing, and enjoy every day to the fullest. This will automatically reduce stress and lower the risk. 

The mental and social connection will improve the nerve cells of the brain and it will strengthen the mental health of a person.

It’s not just Alzheimer’s but several diseases can be at least reduced by replacing a normal lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle. It is the best thing any patient can adapt in their day-to-day life. 

Zhao said that, “Study suggests that a person’s lifestyle impact the whole body and health and it leads to reduce dementia’s risk as well. Not just diseases can be improved by exercise, yoga, healthy diet but the overall growth of a person can also get affected excellently. 

The very common form of Dementia is Alzheimer’s. In this disease, an unlimited amount of protein starts building up in the human brain, and it starts spreading in other parts as well.

Due to this process, normal and important nerve cell of the body starts dying. This abnormal condition starts affecting the normal life of a person. It causes memory loss for short as well as long, navigation tissues, they start getting lost in their own space. 

One can examine this disease by focusing on its early signs like, trouble in remembering a person’s name, name of the places, and not feeling enthusiastic. Other signs can also be notices like getting lost more often and forget to take medicines. If anyone is having such issues, it is better to seek help and reach out to a good neurologist. 

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