Healthy Pregnancy Hormones- Everything You Need To Know

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 13, 2022

The first three months of pregnancy can be pretty challenging for most women. Let me tell you something about the invisible yet amazing changes that occur in your body during this time to help you take better care of yourself.

Healthy Pregnancy Hormones

There are various signs that are indicative of pregnancy other than missed periods in the initial time. Your breasts become tender, sore, and swollen after you conceive and your body may need a few weeks to get used to these changes.

Healthy Pregnancy Hormones

The thing that really troubles women during pregnancy is nausea that may be associated with vomiting. You may need to seek medical help if it becomes difficult to deal with it. It usually starts after one month and it is because of the changes in the levels of your hormones.

Eating in small quantities every now and then can help you manage your nausea. Drink plenty of fluids as well. It is better if you take foods with less fat content and many females find food containing ginger surprisingly helpful.

During pregnancy, the volume of blood increases in the body. So, filtration of extra volumes of blood means extra urination. As the levels of progesterone increase, in the beginning, it may make you feel sleepy. Eat well and exercise regularly to keep up your energy levels.

Adequate rest is important as well. You may start to like and dislike certain foods due to hormonal changes. You may become more prone to heartburn because your esophageal sphincter relaxes. Avoid chocolates, citrus fruits, and fried, spicy food to reduce heartburn.

Progesterone is also responsible for reduced gastric motility and this causes constipation. This is worsened by the iron supplements. Include plenty of fluids and fibers in your diet to reduce constipation.

The roller coaster of emotions that women feel during this time is totally understandable. You can be feeling Happy, nervous, tired all at once. A baby changes your life totally and while it is exhilarating, the anticipation can be nerve-wracking too.

Responsibilities increase and priorities change while raising a child and women can’t help but think about it. Your personal space and time, devotion to your career, everything is affected and the stress and fluctuating hormones may give you mood swings.

It is all normal. Spend time with family and your loved ones. They will understand you and support you through the challenges of being a new mother.

Chose your health care provider that you trust to guide and educate you and to take full care of you during the challenges of your pregnancy. It is important to be comfortable and honest with the person attending to you so that you can openly discuss all your fears and doubts and it will help you become more confident and assured.

You will be able to care for your baby and yourself better. You also need to be honest about all your history regarding your health. It is important. Get all the tests done, none of that is unnecessary and you want to be doubly sure when it comes to the health of your child.

Discuss it privately if that is what makes you comfortable. The first few visits are mostly about the assessment of your health and the child’s health. Your health care provider will ascertain the gestational age of the child.

You may need to know about all the foods and habits and other factors that may pose a risk to the health of your baby. Attend all the check-ups that are scheduled. The frequency of your appointments will be based on your needs, the fluctuations in your health, and your history. Mostly they are arranged after every four weeks or so.

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