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Heart Damage Is Found Rare In College Athletes After Covid-19

A study was done by the researchers on college athletes to find out, is there any chance of heart disease or any heart-related conditions experiencing post-covid-19? They found that as they are young and have mild symptoms of covid.

Heart Damage Is Found Rare In College Athletes After Covid-19

In a very rare case, they require any sought treatment. All the athletes returned to their game without any complications after recovering from Covid-19. Last year during spring, when the outbreak of covid -19 was at its peak, and many college students who are from a sports background were also affected, they had to do a special cardiac test to find out if their heart was affected by this coronavirus or not.

Heart Damage Is Found Rare In College Athletes After Covid-19

The MRI of the heart was referred to done to check for any heart breakout, but soon The American college of cardiology’s Sport and Exercise Cardiology Council’s standard advised not to do MRI scan based on only covid symptoms and only done after sure evidence of any heart condition.

The senior study author Ranjit R. Philip, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, said that the results came out from their study is that before going back to the field or game, the sports students who were tested positive for covid.

The research team from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Centre surveyed the health records of a college student from the 9th of July, 2020 to the 21st of October, 2020. And in 137 athletes of college are referred to do a cardiac test before coming back to post covid. It’s done 16 days after the test is negative for covid.

In the participants, half of them were African – American, some white students, and Hispanic students were 7%, and in that more than half of the athletes played football, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball and also followed by a dance.

Around 82% of them had mild symptoms of covid-19 like loss of smell and taste, would have fever for less than two days, followed by headache, tiredness, and a few cases are with shortness of breath, chest pain. The percentage of having these symptoms among the participants was African-American 86%, Hispanic 100%, and white 75%.

All of them undergo these heart imaging tests, including ultrasound and electrocardiogram of the heart to check if any damage occurs in the heart and find out the troponin level. When any kind of damage occurs in the heart, troponin is a kind of protein released in the blood and muscles. After this initial screening, all of those who have abnormal results have to do MRI. 

According to the research, 5 out of 137 participants have abnormal results on initial tests, and after doing an MRI scan of all 5 athletes, inflammation or no heart damage was found out. After this screening period, they were all allowed to continue their training and take part in competitions without any restriction on health grounds.

Benjamin S. Hendrickson, a congenital cardiologist, pediatric, and co-author with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and assistant professor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, said, Yet there are some cases with unstable results, but in the end, they all happy to find out no one has any heart conditions due to covid virus infections, and even after back to the ground there is no a single case of any problem. And the study is also helpful for all athletes of high schools; they get a kind of reassurance where the testing resources were limited.        

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