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The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is being conducted worldwide as a tribute to all the people who lost their lives on an unfaithful day. Just the date of 9/11 still makes people remember the images of the debris, flames, and airplanes and how the nation came to a standstill.


The death of Matt Crawford`s father is known worldwide as he was working on that day as a firefighter at the age of 62 and his remains were found with 6 others from what could be described as the stairs of World Trade Centre. Matt still says that the date 9/11 still gives him the chills and makes him remember that day when the planes crashed into the twin towers taking countless lives.


With the ongoing covid 19 pandemic and the US seeing an average of 1475 deaths per day is grave concern on its own. The added pain from the pandemic will change our experience to this anniversary as well. The 9/11 attack killed an overall of 2977 people and the current pandemic has taken around 650000 people life’s and more than 4.5 million deaths have been reported worldwide till now.

The health care experts and various psychologists said that the anniversary date often brings low productivity in people and most of the people stay upset for a day or two and this should be taken seriously by the employers as they should let people mourn for some time and not push them for work during this period. Many of the offices have declared this as a public holiday across the US so that the people can be with their families and not be pressurized to work.

The need for commemorations: It has been observed that commemorations have helped people move on in their life and this also lets them know that they are not alone in their pain and suffering and that other people are there to support them. Many religions keep commemorations so as to help their people and also helps in faster healing of the soul.

The helpful ritual creativity: Like for 9/11 people all over the country have come together in their mourning and are finding solace within the community. There are many places wherein candles are lit and names of the deceased are read, a moment of silence is observed which helps the weeping person and helps them to be at rest. But unlike 9/11 there is no date that will help a person to know the beginning of the end of this pandemic which is an altogether worrisome issue as many people have lost their loved ones due to this pandemic.

Although the covid 19 was declared a pandemic on March 11 of 2020 it doesn’t have a shared experience as it is for 9/11. This is because different countries faced the outburst at different periods of time and the lockdown and other rules were imposed on a different time period of many people.

J Smith said that people will have to come up with a single date for this pandemic anniversary so that the community can come together and help out each other. And also he added that we should respect individual anniversaries, as well as people, have lost their loved ones at different times of the year.

With the death toll increasing day today in the US the pandemic is not yet over by a long shot. The CDC and the US health care systems are not urging for people to get vaccinated as this seems to be the only option left.

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