Here Is What Pediatrician Gives Ideas For Kids’ Development In 2022

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 7, 2022

This New year brings healthy ideas for kids’ development. Besides adults’ new year resolution, kids will also have healthy habits and growth as their new year resolution.

Here Is What Pediatrician Gives Ideas For Kids’ Development In 2022

According to an American Pediatrician, the new and beneficial ideas will help kids build motivation and a better version of themselves than the previous years, especially at the time of the pandemic. It is recommended for parents or guardians to spend time with kids and create new ideas to practice this new year.

Here Is What Pediatrician Gives Ideas For Kids’ Development In 2022

The news channels approached experts to ask parents that they share about their kids’ new year resolution ideas so that everyone can get benefitted from one another.

“According to the pediatrician,” setting realistic goals in a child’s life makes them stronger.” As a mother and a pediatrician, I can relate about the significance of a child’s growth even when it is the time of pandemic and kids get restricted to physical and social development.”

Research shows that “Kids also love showing their skills and fun activities. Every participation brings their achievement closer to their goals and appreciation is their biggest reward.”

Parenting and impact of reward on kids’ development:

Parenting experts say that “Our behavior and gesture play a necessary role in the development of the child. Praise and words of appreciation are necessary features in parenting to introduce healthy habits in a child. This helps in the development of the child.”

There are individual factors that expert says, “We should not focus on a group of children that make them different from one another, but which factor makes a child the best version of themselves.”

Giving reward and psychological impact on children’s

Language, tone, and gestures have a major impact on young minds. This gave the idea to the researchers to highlight parents’ behavior towards children. Such as “Keep it up!”, “You can do it”. Other ways of training a child to brush their teeth independently, or stopping them from certain things in a creative and positive manner, which eventually motivate a child’s effort.

“The way we deal with each child, the way parents praise is visible in child’s actions, said the professor of psychology in a seminar on Parenting.”

“A harsh behavior can ultimately backfire the situation. It sends a wrong message to the child, makes them feel insecure and scared of trying new things, or not trying new things,” the researcher said. 

Setting goals for kids’ is healthy:

The idea of setting goals among children prepares them to focus better at an early age. Research shows that a boy from Canada, Ontario sets his goal for the upcoming year to ride a bike himself. We want to introduce such determination in children to reach their goals.

One of the Secretary Professors of Organization Behaviours says that “setting goals build focus, the importance of planning and persistence in children and makes them a stronger individual as they grow up.”

A Reporter said that setting goals in a child’s life teach them how to plan.” It teaches them the sense of control over the environment as taught by my parents.”

Age 7 Years and above have better planning ability:

When kids reach the age of 7 or above, they have better and stronger self-reliance and can plan for how to pursue their goals and achieve them. Absolutely with the consent and guidance of parents is important and helpful for kids of all ages.

According to the experts, “Few kids interacted who dreamt big, upon sharing their dreams to take a trip to foreign countries for swimming class or study. This shows that goals have to be specific and practical.”

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