HHS Chief: Covid Vaccination Rates Will Increase

The health and human services have said that covid 19 vaccination rates will increase in the near future. In a statement issued to the press, the department officials said that due to the partnership between the Federal Government and the private sector, Operation Warp Speed was successful in delivering 20 million doses of FDA authorized covid-19 vaccines in a very short duration of time.

HHS Chief: Covid Vaccination Rates Will Increase

The distribution process is going on successfully across the country, and the federal authorities have been able to supply more than 12 million doses of vaccines to the hospitals and nursing homes across the country.

As of now, close to 5 million people have received the vaccines, and most of them belong to the Frontline Health Care community.

The department has said that this was a historic accomplishment, and they understand that succeeding in administering the vaccines is a final goal, and they are not just content with distributing the vaccines.

The CDC has also provided proper guidelines with regards to the vaccination process, which is used by several states and hospitals to administer the vaccine in a proper manner.

The Federal government has also increased the funding for covid-19 vaccine planning, and several billions of dollars will be allocated to this program in 2021.

The authorities also said that they had made suitable arrangements to store the vaccines required for providing the second dose to those people who have already received the first dose. Even as some countries are planning to delay the administration of the second dose by a few weeks, the CDC has made it clear that the US Healthcare will go with the vaccination program as per the initial schedule.

According to the CDC, the gap between the first and second doses of vaccine is not likely to exceed 28 days in most cases.

It has been three weeks since the first vaccine doses were administered across the country, and the administration is looking forward to increasing the pace of vaccination in the near future.

The first two weeks of the mass vaccination program had a slow pace due to various hurdles in the distribution and administration process.

However, as the healthcare system is now used to the protocols and methods used during the vaccination program, they will be able to improve the rate of vaccinations in the next few weeks.

According to health experts, more than one million people need to be vaccinated every day in order to achieve the level of herd immunity in the next few months.

The US plans to vaccinate close to 300 million people by summer, and this will help them to gain some control over the pandemic. The situation is very bad across the US as several hospitals are running out of ICU beds.

The total number of hospitalizations has remained over 100,000 for more than a month now, and this is the worst phase during the pandemic.

The number of deaths due to covid 19 crossed 77000 in December, and this was the deadliest month during the pandemic. When it comes to the total number of cases, the US recorded more than 10 million cases in the last two months.

Fauci has said that for the level of herd immunity, close to 85% of Americans need to be vaccinated. This is achievable when there are more than a few vaccines available in the market. According to the latest reports, the FDA may approve close to three more vaccines by April.

This can give a good boost to the vaccination program in the near future. As the authorities plan to ramp up the vaccination process in the next few months, the hospitals and nursing homes are gearing up to improve the administration process.

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