High Curiosity In Infancy Carries Through To Toddler Years

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 1, 2021

Researchers have found that infant babies who are most intrigued by magic tricks are tend to be the most curious toddlers. An unexpected sign could delight the future of kids with unique skills.

Kinds with curiosity in magic tricks are predicted to be the best curious kids as pre-schoolers, said Lisa Feigenson.

High Curiosity In Infancy Carries Through To Toddler Years

She is a co-director at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. She also added that a 3-years-old child can be predicted that in which position he is to learn from the world. This is something that can be known at a very early stage. 

High Curiosity In Infancy Carries Through To Toddler Years

For the researchers, examiners used little magic to analyze this theory with almost 65 children. These children’s age started from 11 months only. Some babies saw a toy that worked normally while others were shown a toy that seemingly passes straight by the wall.

After six months, examiners have shown both toys which behaved normally and those which floated in the air. By this process, kids who were curious in the first research were found more curious in second were predicted to be intrigued in magic tricks while kids who seemed uninterested in the second research were remained normal, said the researcher. 

“We have also found that babies who were looking for a long time at a magical object in the first research were those who also looked just like that for a long time in the test when they conducted after 17 months”, Jasmin Perez said, who is a lead author at Hopkins University.

She also added that babies can be affected by such magical activities differently and these kinds of events can appear stable for six months while being an infant. Before this research, it was never found in infants about the pre-verbal mind. Such events were predicted only in adults and much older kids. 

The research team also wanted to continue the study and bring back those kids when they turned 3-years old. But it could not happen due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. They were only able to analyze and evaluate the results based on the last test. Later, they send questionnaires to the parents and asked them to fill in details honestly. 

It was discovered that kids who were more curious during the test and looking at the object for a longer period have become evolved kids and ask many questions. They seem curious about everything around them and ask their parents about every small detail. Such types of curious kids most likely to enter the world and learn a different thing about the world, said by study author of this research. 

Researchers have still planned to continue this study after the end of the pandemic situation in the future and follow the steps which would help them examine the activities of such unique kids. They are really excited to open the door for such curious kids and see where would they end up in their future. They are also examining that are they good students in school or curious like they were at the time of research. 

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