A High Risk Of Chronic Disease Complications Should Avoid Cruises

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 23, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that the health risk associated with Covid-19 is high enough that travelers with no immunity should avoid taking cruises. Additionally, the updated guidance advised travelers who have not yet fully vaccinated to avoid taking cruises. Following several Coronavirus outbreaks reported on cruise ships, the CDC has issued this new recommendation.

A High Risk Of Chronic Disease Complications Should Avoid Cruises

As an added precaution, while the agency does not require passengers to wear masks the way trains, planes, and other modes of public transportation do, it does suggest that cruise passengers cover their faces in shared areas.

It is highly likely you can catch Covid-19 on cruise ships due to the ease with which the virus is spread between people in close quarters, the CDC said in its updated guidance.

A High Risk Of Chronic Disease Complications Should Avoid Cruises

In addition to getting tested one to three days before leaving on a cruise and three to five days following the cruise, the agency advised travelers no matter whether they had been vaccinated. If a person tests negative for the flu after returning from a cruise, he or she should still be quarantined for seven days after returning.

The Belize Tourism Board announced just a week ago that 27 passengers aboard a Carnival cruise tested positive for Covid. Over the extended trading period on Friday, Carnival Cruises shares dropped over 2%, Norwegian Cruise Line shares declined nearly 3%, and Royal Caribbean Cruises shares dropped more than 2%.

After several outbreaks aboard ships led to the shut down of the industry at the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC has been enforcing strict rules to prevent similar outbreaks in the future. Among the three cruise lines, Royal Caribbean was the first to return to operation. So far, there have been a handful of incidents aboard their ships, which is what their CEO and chairman Richard Fain wants.

Carnival and Royal Caribbean allow passengers who aren’t vaccinated to board their ships, but Norwegian doesn’t. A lawsuit against the Florida surgeon general was filed by Norwegian to stop a state ban that prohibited businesses from requiring customers to show proof of Covid vaccination. Despite a temporary halt being issued to the cruise operator, Florida has appealed the decision.

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The following are the key points:

  • No matter how well they are vaccinated, cruise passengers who are at risk of Covid-19 complications should avoid them, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Friday.
  • Travelers without full vaccinations should also steer clear of cruises, according to updated guidance.
  • Following several outbreaks of Coronavirus aboard cruise ships, the CDC has issued new advice.
  • Cruise ships are in close quarters, and passengers can easily contract COVID-19 from other passengers. Cruise ships have been reported to have contracted COVID-19.
  • Those without full vaccinations must avoid travel on cruise ships or river cruises.
  • The same is true if you are at a higher risk of severe illness when traveling on cruise ships, including river cruises, regardless of whether you are vaccinated.
  • In cases where people have not gotten vaccinations, they ought to have their vaccination status checked one to three days before their trip and three to five days after it.
  • If you have not been fully immunized, you should take part in self-quarantine for 7 days after arrival on your cruise ship, even if your test is negative. It is recommended that passengers self-quarantine after their cruise travel for 10 days. 
  • When on cruise ships, passengers should wear masks to protect their noses and mouths. Individual cruise lines may require passengers (and crew) to wear masks indoors even though CDC’s mask order is not enforced on shipboards.

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