Higher Death Rates Seen In The US In Counties That Voted For Trump

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 8, 2022

A new analysis has come to the fore that states that counties that had voted for the Trump administration have a higher than usual death rate. There seem to be huge divisions in the way the sentiments of the people work. Getting vaccinated or not also seems to be a deciding factor, according to the ruling party. Supporters of the older administration have probably stayed away from the current mandates.

Higher Death Rates Seen In The US In Counties That Voted For Trump

Some of the records that pertain to the results of the election show that there is a huge shift in the mental makeup of the people who supported Trump in deciding whether or not to get the vaccine. The election had taken place at a time when the US was reeling under infections. That was way back in 2020.

Higher Death Rates Seen In The US In Counties That Voted For Trump

A 52% higher death rate has been observed in the counties that supported Trump. For the uninitiated, the pandemic had started its role in January 2020, when the virus migrated from China, where it had already caused massive infections since December 2019. Hence the name Covid-19. In the early stages of the pandemic, the virus had mostly hit all the urban locations.

The urban locations were under Biden. That means that the population who stayed in those counties and favored the Biden administration did not vote for the vaccine. This was a state that showed how politics played a huge role in controlling the virus spread and vaccination. At that time, the death rate in urban counties was nearly 8%. Vaccines started to be available around December 2020 in the US.

The Covid-19 related data shows similar trends now as well. There is still a huge rate of difference as much as 6%, when it comes to the unvaccinated individuals and higher death rates in counties that favored Trump.

If reports from May 2021 are to be taken into consideration, similar trends were noted at that too. So, it is not something entirely new today. The people who had voted for Trump were three times more prone to die from the Coronavirus infection. Political polarization and misinformation are to be blamed for the same. 3,000 counties had been studied at that time for such records.

It was also noted that those counties that voted for Trump in November had a 2.73 times higher chance of infecting others and dying as well. In October 2021, the red zones showed the figures in a clear manner. The trend understudy shows robust and strong results with respect to the inclination to get vaccinated or abstain from it.

The seniors who are above 60 years also followed the same trend. Going by previous records, when Donald Trump was in power, the areas under him performed poorly in all ways. The analysis has taken into account the geographic data as of date. It has not relied on any kind of political data for any conclusive evidence. Republicans, it is believed, have been affected twice as much.

If one goes by polling records, an infected person who is three times more likely to die from the infection is also one of the unvaccinated ones. Political affiliation does seem to be a strong indicator of the vaccination scenario in the US.

However, it is not just the political causes. Many other nationalities that form a significant part of the population in the US have also shown hesitancy to the virus. 91% of Democrats are currently vaccinated. So, their risk of death of the unvaccinated still looms as more and more variants emerge in the US. It is something that needs attention in the times to come. 

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