Historic Low Hit By Fetal Mortality Rates

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 28, 2021

According to a new report from the CDC, in 2019, the fetal mortality rate in the United States hit a record low and has reduced by almost 25% since 1990.

Researchers from the CDC said that say that the problem of infant mortality is the center of public concern for white people in a report that was released on Tuesday.

Historic Low Hit By Fetal Mortality Rates

Infant mortality is when the infant dies before their first birthday.

A major, but often overlooked public health concern is posed by fetal mortality.

The death of the fetus in the uterus is known as fetal mortality.

Historic Low Hit By Fetal Mortality Rates

This is an all-inclusive term that can occur at any gestational stage.

This term has been coined in order to stop the confusion that arises from the usage of terms such as stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, and miscarriage.

According to the report, it does not include an abortion, which is an induced termination of pregnancy.

The analysis says that a vast majority of fetal deaths occur during the early stages of pregnancy.

The reporting of these is required by the states only after the gestation period has passed 20 weeks.

In the US, in 2019, a total of over 21,000 deaths of the fetus occurred.

This was at the rate of 5.7 out of every 1000 live births and fetal deaths.

According to the report, this was a historic low.

In 2018, the mark was 5.89 and this makes the rate 3% lower.

In 1990, the rate was 7.49 which was 24% higher compared to today’s rate.

Data on fetal mortality dates back to 1942, according to officials.

In 2019, the highest fetal mortality rate was found among black women at 10.41 for every 1000 live births and fetal deaths.

Between 2018 and 2019, there was a statistically insignificant decline.

Among white women, the rate declined by 4% year on year. This number dropped from 4.89 to 4.71.

On the other hand, the rate declined by 5% from 5.06 to 4.79 among Hispanic women.

Among Asian women, the fetal mortality rate was the lowest at 4.02.

Age and location also exhibited notable differences in fetal mortality.

Among mothers between the ages of 40 and 44, the rates were highest at 9.06 and lowest among women between the ages of 30 and 34 at 5.09.

While considering states, it was found that the highest fetal mortality rate was found in Mississippi at 9.41 and the lowest one was in New Mexico at 3.00.

Not a single county from Mississippi is among the top 500 communities that are the healthiest this year.

Mississippi counties have been known to score the best in Equity and Public Safety categories in general usually.

For the combined years 2017 to 2019, these states also saw the highest and lowest mortality rate at 24 weeks or more of gestation.

In order to help with the addressing of potential issues regarding statistical reliability and varied area reporting requirements, this data was included in the report.

The rate of fetal death, according to researchers was also over 1.5 times higher among women who smoked while they were gestating. This number was 8.52 compared to the 5.06 of those who did not.

The report, among over 15,500 deaths said that 31.3% of deaths were from causes that were not specified. 42 states and the District of Columbia were included in the report.

From placental, membrane, and cord complications, 25.5% of the fetuses died.

From maternal complications of pregnancy, 12.5% of them died.

From maternal conditions that did not relate to pregnancy, 10.3% died and another 10.3% were due to malformations of a congenital nature.

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