HIV AIDS Issue To Be Focused More In The United States

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 3, 2021

HIV/AIDS has troubled many individuals for long all over the world. On Wednesday President Joe Biden tackled this issue by unveiling a new strategy that will help people suffering from AIDS or HIV. It has been observed that most gay and bisexual Latino and Black men are the most affected and there are some racial inequalities as well when the diagnosis is considered.

HIV AIDS Issue To Be Focused More In The US

In his latest unveil Joe Biden stated that racism won’t be tolerated at any level and that the LGBT community has endured this epidemic for a long period of time. HIV/AIDS has killed more than 36 million people all over the world and around 7 million in the US alone.

HIV AIDS Issue To Be Focused More In The US

Biden stated that the number one cause for death is people not knowing they are infected and this needs to be changed. He stated that there will be public seminars so as to provide awareness about this and also safe sex will be encouraged as well. In today`s time, there is a better treatment of HIV, and patients can also fully recover if detected at an early stage.

The most famous treatment is pre-exposure prophylaxis also known as PreP. This can help people who have AIDS to have a healthy relationship with their partner without infecting them or making them in any harm’s way. This treatment has been very much successful and people are being asked to take this if they are seen HIV positive.

It has been observed that the AIDS number came down from 10,000 to 5,800 for adults in the age gap of 16 to 24 however, the number increased in the age group of 24 to 35 from 6,000 to 10,000. Many researchers stated that this low and high number is due to safe sex.

In another study, it has been observed that almost 40% of the total cases in America comes from African American. On the other hand, the Latino people staying in America account for 25% of the infection.

Gay and Bisexual men account for almost 66% of the HIV infections in the US while women account only for 8% of the total count. However, it has been also observed that white women are 11% lower than Black women when it comes to HIV infections.

To this data, Biden stated that there won’t be any disparities among the health care providers and everyone will be given the same treatment and diagnosis for HIV under this new strategy. Apart from addressing the racial issues, Biden stated that people should be made aware of HIV and how it spreads and what are the dos and don’ts for the people who are affected by it.

Many people believe that HIV spreads if they share the food or if they sit closely which is not true. The only way HIV will spread is if the people have any physical contact or if fluids are exchanged. People should also treat other people who have HIV with mutual respect and should not isolate them.

Many of the states have laws that HIV-positive people cannot spit in public. However, researchers have proved that HIV doesn’t get transmitted from one person to another person through saliva. Biden has urged these states to change such laws which are biased against HIV-positive people. US has a vision of eliminating HIV from all the citizens by 2030 which was headed by then-President Donal Trump. However, due to the corona pandemic, these policies have been pushed back and Joe Biden stated that the current White House will be acting on these policies now.

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