Hockey World Pays Tribute To Coach Josh Ciocco As He Passes Away At 38

Merrimack College has announced the death of Josh Ciocco. He is the former coach of the UGH team and has been able to bring a lot of laurels to the Institute. His sudden death at the age of 38 shocked the entire community, and hence this was a very saddening affair over the period. 

He had played this sport for approximately 15 years, just before the time he became a coach. His death and nothing else limited his tenure as a coach. All the fellow hockey players took to social media platforms to explain the kind of state they were going through. Most of them shared their condolences for the family by wishing them all the strength and support during grief. 


What Was His Role In College? 

He has been a dynamic personality who achieved a lot at his end. It is essential to mention that he was very expert in his field and was just about to enter the fifth season of the warriors. He was skilled in finding the college team’s most talented and capable talent. He had a unique parameter to evaluate the existing amount of talent in every person.

Hockey World Pays Tribute To Coach Josh Ciocco As He Passes Away At 38

 He also was able to find the best candidates for the teams in all these years, due to which the college was able to get a lot of awards to its name. His commitment to coaching was commendable, and his efforts made him famous and successful throughout these years. His sudden death has shaken the Institute to the core, and this is something for which nobody was prepared so soon. 

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His career

He was an assistant coach from 2007-08, and after that, for 12 years straight away, he was the college’s head coach. He discharged this responsibility with the maximum amount of care and caution. He only guided the college students to put up a tough front against the dangerous team of Vernon and salmon. 

He was very skilled, and hence his skill was responsible for making the college capable of winning many competitions. His overall trust in the team and how he guided the team members were also able to make the team members win every challenge. There has been hardly any competition that was not won by the college team under his guidance. 


The incidents of receiving disputes do not end at any cost. The tributes come pouring from different sections of society, and this is something that has been able to affect the entire college as a whole. 

Everyone from the members of the team to the director or the dean of the University was shocked when they got to know about the death of this amazing personality. There are so many messages that are being received in his name and he is very overwhelming to watch in the first place. He was a genuine soul and the kind of end he experienced touched the hearts of people. The exact cause of the death is not revealed but it is presumed to be the death that has been caused by cardiac arrest.


In this situation, it becomes important to understand that the name and fame that he has achieved so far have been only due to the large amount of scope that he developed for the team. He was a gem of a person and his death has brought grief not only to his family but to every member who was associated with him in one or the other way throughout his life. 

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