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Those Looking For Home Care Services And Home Care Advocates Says;

Those Looking For Home Care Services And Home Care Advocates Says

Advocates says, Build Back better funding must for the Industry to Survive. Angela Phillips-Mills’ 78-year old mother recently underwent two complicated abdominal surgeries. One was during the days of President Biden’s inauguration. Another happened this month. This week, her mother will be back home from the rehabilitation center. But her insurance will expire in 48-56 days of care at home. She will have to pay the rest from her own pocket. And it is going to cost $60 per hour. Her mom is just above the level of poverty when it comes to social security. And they are not demanding the grants well-to-do people take for granted. They only request the government not to push them into financial distress.

Those Looking For Home Care Services And Home Care Advocates Says;

President Biden’s Build Back Better bill aims to expand the safety net of social security. It has a framework meant to increase the home and community services available for the elderly and the disabled. But the Congress is striving to reach a settlement with regard to the key concept of President Biden’s measure.

Those working in the field of home care services perceive it as a long-anticipated, but must-have to minimize the backlog in the industry. It is not that there is no such mechanism. This is a situation where demand outpaced the allocation of funds and resources for the purpose.

Those Looking For Home Care Services And Home Care Advocates Says;

Those who require home care have to fulfill the requirements for the home-community-based service waivers under Medicaid, the State-Federal program that provides health coverage for low-income sections of the society. At present, over 800000 people looking for such assistance are unable to avail it due to backlogs and unavailability of funds.

In October, President Biden had announced that the White House plans to expand the services available for the elderly. It will enable them to avail themselves of professional services like cooking and buying groceries for their parents. This way, the elderly will enjoy the dignity they used to have in their own homes.

His original investment for the purpose was $400000000000. But he had to reduce it to $150000000000 due to pressures.

The Home Care Association of America said that they are disappointed at the reduction. They, however, understand that this is a huge leap. And it requires lots of compromises. It also expressed optimism that the country will understand the need of a constructive strategy to care for its aging population. And it is of utmost importance.

Patti LaFleur, a 35-year-old teacher, resigned from her job to care for her mother diagnosed with dementia. She is also a type 1 diabetes patient and requires 24-7 care. They reside in Seattle and are availing part-time home-care service.

LaFleur’s mother is not eligible for Medicaid coverage. She does not have sufficient money to cover all her expenses till the end of her life. But her money is too much for Medicaid to be able to help her. At present, LaFleur is taking care of her with the money her parents have set aside for her.

When it is gone, she hopes that Medicaid will come to help. But the program will not cover all her expenses.

One of the elements of the Build Back Better bill is providing salaries for those caring for the elderly. As per the national data, the earnings of 70% of those working as personal caregivers were less than $30000 in 2018. Furthermore, a majority of home caregivers live mostly in poverty.

Media offer lots of stories of people who need home care services. But no one is there to care for them.

Increasing the wages of home-care is a must. It will make it a livable income and will increase the number of caregivers. Even when the reduction is disappointing, organizations agree on one thing. This is the biggest increase the 40-year-old program is seeing.

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