At-Home Covid Testing Kits – Are They Worth It? Latest News!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 3, 2022

There is a lot of confusion amongst the citizens on whether to take or not to take at-home Covid-19 testing kits. The reason is that they cannot detect the virus components in very low amounts. According to various sources, it may be good for people who do not show any symptoms. And secondly, it may suit people, who have been infected and are on the way to recuperation. So, a test at home to ascertain the condition after seven days is usually more meaningful.

At-Home Covid Testing Kits – Are They Worth It? Latest News!

Many people are buying at-home Covid-19 test kits to find out about their infection status once they start showing symptoms. It is due to the fact that RT-PCR test centers are full and the results take 3-4 days to arrive due to massive pressure on all the testing centers and healthcare facilities.

At-Home Covid Testing Kits – Are They Worth It Latest News!

These are basically rapid lateral flow tests that are relied on to stop the spread of the infection. The CDC has not declared it as a full-proof measure yet. These at-home tests are convenient to get quick results. It is one of the risk-aversion measures.

Anyone can take these tests anywhere. According to the CDC, the Rapid antigen tests, as they are called, can only tell if there is an infection. Moreover, the viral load has to be high for it to be detected. It cannot measure or tell if antibodies are present in the body. The CDC and the other health experts have advised people to get at least two kits for each family member.

However, the gold standard states that anybody who has symptoms and is not feeling well need not wait for the at-home tests. Moreover, if the incumbent has come into close contact with a patient or anyone who supposedly has the virus needs stringent testing. They need to get the RT-PCR done at the earliest and also isolate it. The at-home kits should ideally be used when a person is asymptomatic.

The rapid test may be considered to be more like a screening test. It is not to be considered a diagnostic test. Additionally, the CDC has advised people to buy test kits that have been approved by the US FDA. The agency’s list has around 40 test kits listed online. There are certain age limitations as well, and all age groups may not use them. The general public can buy these test kits online and from pharmacies as well.

When one buys a self-test kit it is mandatory for the individual to check that it is not expired. The expired kit will not give the results accurately. However, there is a lot of rush for such kits in countries, where the infection rate is high. Most people are wary of rushing to the testing centers as the queues are long. They depend on the test kits.

Some Federal Qualified Healthcare Centers are offering the test kits for free. The citizens in the US can also buy the same from government sites. The initial drive of test kits allows incumbents to order four test kits for each family, having a particular address.

The test kits are expected to reach within 4-12 days’ time so that people can have some stock at home for urgent situations.

The CDC and other health officials are advising people to use the test kits before they mingle with crowds at public places. It is also increasingly important if there are unvaccinated children, seniors, and immunocompromised people around.

If the incumbent has the symptoms but is not able to find a testing center nearby, scheduling an appointment, the test kit is the only option.

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