Homeopathy Is Effective In Treating Neuro Conditions: Data Shows!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 25, 2022

According to doctors, Homeopathy offers a safe way for the treatment of various brain-related illnesses and disorders and has effectively proven that it can help to mitigate a vast array of brain and neurological illnesses.

Homeopathy Can Be A Valuable Treatment!

As per the report, an analysis of many years of patient data from clinics and some research shows that homeopathic treatment is very effective in the management of several neurological disorders.

Homeopathy Is Effective In Treating Neuro Conditions Data Shows

Homeopathy can be a valuable treatment in the management of stroke in acute and chronic conditions. Multiple sclerosis is a common auto-immune condition that affects the nervous system and doctors see an average of about 50 patients with multiple sclerosis every month.

The evidence shows that Homeopathy treatment protocols of Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s clinic result in improvement in some forms of disability, and decreased frequency of recurrence in cases of relapsing various sclerosis.

About 65% of patients can report a positive outcome after treatment at the clinic, as reported by Dr. Kushal Banerjee who is a senior Homeopath at Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s clinic. He said on the occasion of World Brain Day which is celebrated on 22nd July every year.

What do doctors claim?

The doctors claim that patients with other serious illnesses including Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Brain tumors, and brain trauma may benefit from Homeopathy treatment. Though it is not possible to cure all illnesses, managing their symptoms can go a long way in the quality of life of the patients without any obstacles.

Stroke is another main clinical entity that doctors frequently encounter and treat at their clinic. They see about 4,000 cases of stroke and complaints which are also stroke related. Although, commencing stroke treatment as soon as possible is always recommended.

According to some patients, improvement in motor function even when homeopathy treatment is begun years ago after the event. Without homeopathic medicines, doctors can contribute to healing partially damaged nervous tissue and help to improve neurological function.

Homeopathy treatment protocols also help to reduce the chances of recurrence of stroke. Many patients suffering from neuro conditions should consider homeopathic treatment as an executive to allopathic medicine for optimum outcomes, said Dr. Kushal Banerjee.

What did Dr. Banerjee say?

Dr. Banerjee (M.D. Hom) started claiming that homeopathy offers a safe way for the treatment of several brain-related illnesses and disorders. It has effectively proved that it can help to manage and mitigate a vast array of brain and neurological illnesses.

The reasons for diseases of the brain and nervous might broadly be categorized into – infection, the immune system, or injury. In addition, diseases may also arise due to development issues.

Epilepsy is another known illness of the brain which arises from abnormal functioning of the electrical pathways and can be effectively treated with homeopathy treatments in many cases.

The Padma Shri recipient said on Friday that epilepsy is another common illness that affects the brain. This illness may arise from a simple fever or may be due to damage caused to the brain during the process of delivery.

It is an assumption that it may accompany developmental issues. Presently, the clinic is busy in the management of several cases of simple as well as complicated epilepsy. Homeopathy is another particular significance when anti-epileptic drugs are introduced to patients with developmental delays.

After that, these drugs might contribute to the mental regression of the patient, sometimes patients are extremely distressed. The doctors of the clinic in cohesion with prescribing neurologists can wean anti-epileptic drugs with the help of homeopathy. This comprehensively helps to address all the issues around the development as well. 

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