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Hope Collides With Despair As Infections Continue To Rise In The United States

The hope, that the American public had gathered with the gradual disappearance of the virus, starts getting shattered as Covid-19 numbers and deaths continue to resurge, across the nation. 

Dr. Laura Forman, the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Kent Hospital, upon coming back to the hospital a few weeks ago, noticed that something was different. The refrigerated truck for the deceased people, that had flooded the hospital’s mortuary during the peak of Covid-19, was not there anymore.

Hope Collides With Despair As Infections Continue To Rise In The United States 

Joy rushed over the doctor’s body and she could not help but cry as she witnessed this change at the hospital. To her, it was the biggest symbol for hope.

However, hopefulness refused to last long. This week, it admitted its defeat to widespread concern. The toll of Covid-19 infections and casualties keeps on mounting, not just in Rhode Island but all throughout the nation. Unfortunately, this resurgence is overshadowing the success of the U.S. vaccination drive. Additionally, it also negates the exciting update that was announced on Friday, that completely immunized people can travel with not much risks to themselves.

Hope Collides With Despair As Infections Continue To Rise In The United States

Dr. Forman confessed that she has been monitoring the figures very closely and that the difference over the last seven days is especially discernible. She admitted to feeling apprehensive and worried, about our communities and families, considering many have unimmunized children and  family members at their homes.

The deadly virus that has kept our entire globe juggling between hope and despair for over more than a year now, is having one last go at the United States. Fast spreading new strain of Covid accompanied with early loosening of safety restrictions in some places, has rocked the nation and triggered new dangers. 

The virus that has already divided our society into several helpless categories, has successfully managed to develop another bisection in our society- it has pitted the unvaccinated people against the vaccinated. Over 100 million citizens are vaccinated with at least one shot and are relatively safer, while the rest continue to wait. 

Three days after Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, revoked the mask mandate and customer accommodation limits in restaurants, Tracy Mckenna, a Houston based waitress, informed that she served an individual who reported about the food and drinks tasting odd. The loss of taste and smell is a suggestive symptom of Covid-19. 

Just four days after the incident, McKenna, who is not immunized yet, developed breathing problems and  tested positive for the virus. The symptoms further progressed to a severe cough and fatigue. Sadly, McKenna’s child and partner also got infected.

On Friday, the CDC had announced that individuals, who were vaccinated with their second shot, could resume travelling with low risk of Covid-19 infection. However, owing to the rising numbers, the Health Agency recommends people to not do so. 

The disparity between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated was unpreventable. Frontline workers and people at a vulnerable position were definitely more eligible to receive the vaccine prior, considering their line of work. Even with 2.9 millions shots being given everyday, the number of unvaccinated citizens remains large. 

With the advent of vaccination, the end of the pandemic appeared nearer. Hence, this recent resurgence was unexpected. However, the numbers  will continue to rise, on account of the highly infectious variant that was first discovered in the UK and is presently circulating in much of the United States. Besides, the  relaxation of safety restrictions across states have significantly contributed to this recent rise. 

The question thus remains, when will this despair end?

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