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Hospital Containing People, Struggling With Delta And Vaccine Hesitancy

The delta variant is known to be the most contagious of all the strains of the Covid-19 and vaccine hesitancy is not helping the situation.

Before pushing the doors to the recently reopened covid-19 ward which is at the Methodist University Tennessee, Nurse Matt Robinson was seen bracing himself. 

After a year of constant work with the coronavirus-infected individuals, all through the pandemic, the outbreak brought in light a constant exposure to trauma and death. This had not been in the script, Robinson says and he hoped that his job would return to normal. 

Hospital Containing People, Struggling With Delta And Vaccine Hesitancy

With the vaccination rates high just a few months ago, across the United States, hospitals had no covid-19 infected patients. But as the delta strain is out in the air tearing its way through individuals who are not vaccinated, in the country, is creating alarming concerns and hospitals are now seen getting a hard hit with new wave o cases. 

In Tennessee, the hospitalizations caused due to covid-19 have doubled up more than what it was in the past three weeks which is 195 to 579. At the moment, it is reported to be far less than the spike last winter. During the time, hospitals cared for more than 3,300 coronavirus infected patients, around the states but the data that was shared shows that Memphis officials believed 80% of the new cases were due to the highly transmissible, delta variant, which is at 1.53 and climbing. This makes it the closest to the highest it has been in the city. 

Hospital Containing People, Struggling With Delta And Vaccine Hesitancy

As the doors swing open to expose a brightly lit ward, it is reported that behind each of those doors lies a patient that is held in isolation, where some are viewed between the statted blinds while many lie vulnerable as they are hooked up to the oxygen tanks. It was also reported that the patients isolated and hospitalized are unvaccinated, in line with national and state trends. As physicians prepare for more patients that could come soon, they are already planning to open an expanded ward which is going to be twice the size. 

To see patient after patient experience this traumatized condition, said Robinson, at a point where efficacy has been proven, he adds, it is upsetting to watch people once again, just like last year, go through suffering. In this healthcare network, the average age of individuals infected by Covid-19 has seemed to now dropped by a decade which is from 61 in 2020 to 51 now which is 2021. The majority of the people, months ago, Robinson treaded, made him constantly remember parents and grandparents. Now, he says, it reminds him of himself. It also reminded me of a recent case of a young individual who easily could be in their mid-20s, who was being placed on a ventilator, Robinson stated, that could’ve been him, obviously before he reminded himself that he is vaccinated and not among those who are unvaccinated. 

When it hits someone your age, it feels close to home and it is heart-wrenching to watch people go through this even after having to found a solution. 

Many of Robinson’s colleagues, even today, are seen unvaccinated as the inoculation has been made mandatory for staff in hospitals, Robinson adds. Back in the days, Robinson was seen speaking to one of his friends who has had experience working in the Covic-19 wards during the peak of the pandemic. 

The next outbreak could create a massive crack in everything that is holding up till now. The Covid-19 guidelines as per CDC are now to be followed strictly once again as the new highly contagious virus is out in the air and who knows about the next strain and its power. 

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