Hospitals Told Not To Send COVID Data To CDC By Trump Administration

Keeping the spread of coronavirus in all states, the administration has recently changed some of its policy measures. According to reports, the Trump administration has ordered hospitals to provide COVID 19 patient data to the central database directly in Washington with immediate effect. The hospitals will no longer send data to CDC according to the Health and Human Services documents. As a consequence, the CDC pages that tracked the hospital bed vacancy stopped working with immediate effect. This may lead to a situation full of troubles in the coming days as per the experts.

To streamline reporting of cases, the CDC has agreed to remove NHSN from the collection process, according to CDC officials. Experts believe that the data was critical as it gave good information about hospital bed vacancy, and this was beneficial for public health officials to monitor the situation. They could better manage patients with such important data.

However, the administration has said that data collection about coronavirus cases will now be faster as CDC had a one week lag in reporting data about hospitals. The Coronavirus task force had planned this move for many months, and it has now been executed. It is worth noting that the CDC covered only about 85% of the hospitals, and the new task force will manage to get 100% data from all hospitals.

Hospitals Told Not To Send COVID Data To CDC By Trump Administration

The new way of data collection is considered as part of a streamlined process that helps hospitals to send data directly to the federal authorities. The new system will also reduce duplication of data and reduce the burden of reporting data on medical professionals. The CDC will still have access to data, and it will not be collecting data directly from hospitals according to this move.

On the other hand, many public health experts expressed their dissatisfaction with this move as they believe that it can weaken the quality of data in the future. It is also not a useful idea to put medical data collection tasks out of CDC as they have expertise in this task. This was essentially the core function of the CDC, and removing the organization from data collection can affect the pandemic response.

Some public health experts are of the opinion that the Trump administration is trying to politicize the issue, and they have consistently opposed various moves by CDC. This can put a lot of lives at risk, and the situation looks very scary shortly. Experts also added that the conflict between the CDC and the White House is not good for public health safety, and this should end to control the pandemic.

As per the latest statistics, the coronavirus cases are close to 3.5 million in the United States, and the number of cases across the world has crossed the 13 million mark. In the US alone, more than 136000 deaths are recorded due to this pandemic. The number of cases per day is more than the 60000 marks, and this uptrend is seen since the last few weeks.

Many factors have contributed to this sudden rise in cases, and some of them include the political rallies, protests across the country, and holiday season. There are conflicts even with regards to using masks in public places, and the entire issue has taken a political turn with supporters of Trump, not in favor of wearing masks and others using them to oppose the administration.

The CDC had recently issued a number of guidelines with regards to the reopening of schools, and this did not go down well with the Trump administration. They had termed it expensive and impractical, which will put a lot of burden on schools and staff members. However, the CDC did not change much of the guidelines and issued further clarification on various guidelines.

The data available from various hospitals regarding availability if ICU beds are not encouraging as more than half of the hospitals in various states are fully occupied. If the pandemic is not brought under control, this can lead to a lack of beds in many hospitals in the next few months. Experts are working on such important data and trying to improve facilities across the country.

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