Hosting, Domain Name, E-mail & Their Relation With E-Commerce

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 29, 2021

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, e-commerce websites are making quite some buzz in the business arena. Fear of getting covid 19 virus from outside forced people to buy stuff from the online stores and this resulted in the e-commerce boom.

If nurtured with little tactics and sensibility, one can make the maximum out of such e-commerce business ventures. Keeping all these aside, here, we shall discuss hosting, domain name, and e-mail, and most importantly, their connection with e-commerce websites. 


Domain Names

The Internet is basically a wide spectrum with computers connected to each other. Domain names are pretty much like names in the telephone directory. Your computer communicates with domains. With the help of domains, it becomes much easier to host your computer with the other domain hosting in the same space. The domain name is a unique identity feature your website possesses. You will have to register your domain with the domain registrar, in order to keep it yourself. Without a domain name, your website may look pretty much unprofessional, and amateur. 

Hosting Names

If domain names are telephone directory, hosting names are car parking. This may sound funny, but hosting names serves the exact purpose. Hosting names serve as parking slots for domain names. All the documents on your website go to the hosting servers. When someone looks into your website domain, hosting servers take them into the website that is being hosted on a specific server. In short, a hosting server makes your website visible and accessible on the internet. 


Email marketing is the most powerful method of digital marketing. Email marketing helps companies to nurture their business and thereby grow their brand. The companies always keep a check on their Email databases and market their products within their Email databases.  

Relationship With E-Commerce Websites. 

E-commerce websites just like any other website, need a domain name, hosting names, and emails to function properly. With domain names, it becomes much easier to host your e-commerce website, whereas hosting names store all the files on your website. When someone searches your e-commerce website domain, the hosting server shows them the exact location of your website. Your E-commerce website needs to look unique, professional and should work properly. Domain names serve this purpose. E-mailing is an essential part of the e-commerce business arena. E-commerce companies do make use of their email database to market their website and products. E-mails also help e-commerce companies to elevate their leads and keep their customers informed and attentive. 


Covid 19 pandemic has unleashed wide possibilities for online business ventures. If one utilizes this opportunity with some strategies, little tactics, and great sensibility, then they can grow their brand and elevate their business to a greater extent. Domain names, hosting servers, and emails are essentials, as far as an e-commerce company is concerned. These three factors help their companies to develop a proper website and grow their brand through that particular website. 

Nikki Attkisson

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