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House Brings Help And Passes $900 Billion COVID-19 Rescue Package

The House of Representatives has reverberated and passed a COVID-19 relief package on Monday after weeks-long meticulous negotiation and months of partisan finger-pointing.

The package would directly send funds to millions of Americans and save small enterprises nationwide that are struggling to survive in the current pandemic conditions.

House Brings Help And Passes $900 Billion COVID-19 Rescue Package

The Federal government would be funded with the roughly $900 billion measure that was attached to a $1.4 trillion spending bill by Sept. 30, 2021, to create a bill with around 5,600 pages. The bill would be one of the largest that the legislation Congress ever intercepted.

Bipartisan provisions like the end of surprise medical billing and legislation forming Smithsonian museums for women and Latinos were also included in the package.

House Brings Help And Passes $900 Billion COVID-19 Rescue Package

The House has passed the scale between 359-53, heading to the Senate, which is supposed to endorse it Monday night.

The Representative of AI Green D-TX said that the bill would not end all of the sufferings, but it would ease much of the pain. 

The scope and size of the legislation were criticized by the Lawmakers, after hours of their substantial text’s release on Monday evening’s vote.

Most of the lawmakers voted for the package despite the ideological reservations and cited the emergency need for aid and the previous delay of the Congress on sending more relief.  

Representative Andy Levin, D-Mich remarked that there is a time to fight as a progressive, and there are times to take what we got and move on.

Rand Paul, Kentucky GOP Sen. frequently criticized federal spending not becoming a fan of the relief measure and marked that he would let it to get progress in the Senate.

He said on the Senate floor hours that the socialism of Democrats is to be identified by the so-called conservatives, and it is better not to vote for the spending “monstrosity”.  He further added that those who vote for free money would lose the soul and abandon any semblance of moral or fiscal integrity forever.

He also remarked after his speech that he had made his point so he hadn’t any reason to hold the bill up. 

Intense negotiations in recent days resulted in the latest round of stimulus that is fifth passed by the congress as well. The lawmakers and their staff worked 24 hours on a compromise that drew critical attention from the far-right for being too expensive and from the far left and was said that it didn’t go further to help Americans.   

The bill is expected to sign by president Trump is appearing at a crucial time for the economy since there is an eviction of the moratorium that is about to expire and the federal benefits for unemployment are about to ruin out.  

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