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How Did Some Countries Avoid The Virus In The USA?

Coronavirus has spread like wildfire, and the cases are growing day by day. There is no end to it, and the people are suffering to the core. There are no jobs, the economy has shattered, and health care is destroyed.

How did some countries avoid the virus in the USA?

But to a huge surprise, three countries in the USA have managed to give a fight to the virus. They followed the norms, but they were also able to control it and show zero cases.

They have proven that by taking proper measures, the virus can be controlled. All the countries followed strict norms and were able to deliver the best results. They are now living in a virus-free environment and enjoying everyday lives. However, it is almost likely that even the counties can only receive temporary relief. Around 12:40 p.m. Alaska Time Thursday, Skagway told residents that it had to “shelter in place until touch tracing is done,” a statement released by Borough clerk Emily Deach.

All three counties are located remotely, with less than 1,100 people, and are, without a doubt, the most significant factors in ensuring that 7.9 million Americans have fallen sick and that more than 216,000 get killed. With 826 inhabitants spanning nearly 3.600 square meters, Esmeralda and Loving are situated in the smallest population per region of any county in the adjoining US. They have 169 people spread across 677 square miles.

Although the port hamlet on Alaska’s south-east penthouse – close to the northern edge of British Columbia — is surrounded by mountains, reached mostly by air or water, Skagway is more heavily populated by 1,095 inhabitants. Due to the pandemic, road travel into Canada was limited.

When King County in Texas reported the first coronavirus infection among its nearly 280 residents Tuesday, those three counties were left as the last bits of unbroken resistance to the virus. There are only two now. Dr. Steven Woolf, the emeritus director of the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health, said America has failed to enforce the pandemic management policies that clarify why more cases and deaths have been reported than any country worldwide.

By hopping on the bus, the virus did not reach all these counties. This is passed down to people, said Woolf. ‘The measures we relieved have made it easier for people to pass the virus because they are not wearing any masks or social distances, because they meet in bigger crowds, because they go to football matches, because they attend political gatherings and because the virus is transmitted to a new venue.

Skagway charged a high price, even though stopping the virus until Thursday. The borough has traditionally seen its economy ruined by the tour cancellation imposed by the COVID-19 outbreaks, a frequent stop on the famous Interior Passage cruise ship route. This year, not a single ship came to its port. Municipal Manager Brad Ryan claimed that most of the residents undergo reserve assistance checks, and if it had missed another tourism season, the municipality would be disgraced awful straits.

This year, the additional 1200 jobs created generally by the flow of cruises from mid-spring to summer and the 2,000 transient residents who naturally triple Skagway’s size for several months have vanished. “Very different life,” said Ryan. “We see cruise ships rolling in here from the beginning of April and 12.000-18.000 people wandering around the area each day. Then you’d see both restaurants and bars full of the people working here as they returned to the dock.

Their absence helped keep the epidemic at a standstill, as well as attempts to free research and highlight the value of wearing masks, preserving social space, and fostering the isolation for 14 days for people who came from another world. The 100 children attend the school directly, but with precautions including daily screenings, lunch in the classrooms, and barely any interest in school activities.

The latter preventive measure was incredibly difficult, said Ryan, who is worried about the district stopping the virus from spreading because the coming cold weather pushes people indoors. Everyone will watch all the children playing basketball right now, “said Ryan. “Everyone is going to a group gathering, and it doesn’t happen because people lack social contact.”

People are getting accustomed to less regular encounters in Esmeralda, the farm and mining city neighboring California in the west. It has about 300 residents, and Las Vegas is a three-hour drive from the leading municipalities in the province. The people could be about 100 miles from the closest hospital, based on where they live in the county, so they must be free of the virus.

The few stores and industries of the county have been following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and people wear masks in public as they come out. Elgan said that he didn’t run into the skeptics of the virus. If he did, Elgan could warn them about his daughter, an infected nurse who spent four days in a hospital in Louisiana.

“Our people have been working very hard to keep COVID-19-free on their own,” Elgan said, the county of which has recently attracted attention from media outlets. “We’re all serious about that. So we have no cases of it. They have proved that if you are serious and follow the rules, then the virus can be controlled easily without any hassles. All you need to do is to maintain distance for your wellbeing.

The cases of COVID 19 are not coming to a halt. Every day you get to know about 1000 deaths and endless active possibilities. It would help if you kept in mind that there are a lot of things that are still unknown. All we can do is to stay safe and maintain decorum. If the items are handled in a proper direction, and the citizens behave positively, then only can the virus be eradicated without any hassles. The government must take some lessons from these countries and implement the policies so that the virus can be controlled.

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