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How It Grew From A Small Firm To Covid Vaccine Manufacturer

It happened on January 24th, 2020. Uğur Şahin, BioNTech’s CEO, had an insight that COVID 19 will grow to become a pandemic that will affect the entire world.

The World Health Organization had not yet declared it as a pandemic. That happened only after one and a half months before Uğur Şahin knew that it will grow to become one.

How It Grew From A Small Firm To Covid Vaccine Manufacturer

He had a discussion with his wife, the company’s co-founder and chief medical officer. At length, they both agreed to re-direct the company’s sources to manufacturing a vaccine.

They knew instantly that the technology they had along with what they developed through their clinical knowledge will help them respond faster to any crisis.

How It Grew From A Small Firm To Covid Vaccine Manufacturer

Till that time, BioNTech was a little-known firm that was focused on innovating in the field of cancer treatment. Its founders, however, had great faith in the potential of their mRNA technology. They knew that it was capable of generating a strong immune response. They also understood that the production, testing, and manufacturing of the COVID 19 vaccine on a global level require collaboration with a large-scale company.

They turned to Pfizer, with whom they had been collaborating for years to develop an MRNA vaccine for flu. The vaccine is still in its clinical trial.

The collaboration was a success worth celebrating!

In the month of August, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine became the first to gain full FDA authorization.

The decision, according to health officials, will prompt certain unvaccinated people to roll up their sleeves for the jab. It will also increase the confidence of businesses to issue vaccine mandates.

Until Monday, Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine only had emergency use authorization in the US. The full authorization will allow the company to sell its vaccine in the US market.

As per the data available with CDC, from the time Pfizer’s COVID 19 got emergency use authorization until now, almost 204000000 of its doses have been administered in the country.

The country’s federal health officials were under immense pressure from scientific groups and activists to fully authorize Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID 19 vaccine from the time the companies submitted their applications. They also submitted Biologics License which ensured their full approval.

FDA evaluated the thousands of pages of data Pfizer submitted on the trials they conducted on 40000 patients. The vaccine showed 91% efficacy in preventing the virus. The shots showed 91% efficacy in preventing COVID 19. The efficacy, however, went slightly down from the time the shot was authorized. It was 95% at the time. But during the time, the Delta variant had not arrived in the country and caused a surge.

According to the acting FDA Commissioner, the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine fulfill the agency’s highest standards in efficacy, safety, and quality of manufacturing.  The person also said that millions of Americans have received their shots against COVID 19 by now. But full authorization will increase people’s confidence in a vaccine.

FDA had called a press briefing to discuss the full authorization of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday.

Over 60% of the country’s population has received at least the first dose of a COVID 19 vaccine. But there are still many Americans who don’t have faith in the vaccine. The situation remains the same even when the Delta variant is causing a surge in certain areas.

According to healthcare professionals, a full authorization may prompt these vaccine-hesitant Americans to receive their shots against the virus. A recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation attests to this observation. There are numerous unvaccinated people who say that they will get vaccinated if FDA fully approves a vaccine. Full authorization, according to experts, is a psychological feeling. More than 300000000 Americans have already been vaccinated against the virus.

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