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How Long Will A COVID 19 Vaccine Protect You?

Doctors are concerned that COVID 19 may become like influenza. The disease requires a new vaccine every year. This, according to them, will happen because of the constantly mutating nature of coronavirus. The protection vaccines offer too seems short-lived.

How Long Will A COVID 19 Vaccine Protect You?

Earlier evidence suggested that vaccines offered lasting protection from COVID 19. But lately, vaccine manufacturers are making and testing new versions of their vaccines against emerging new variants of coronavirus. The B.1.351 virus that was first detected in South Africa is just one among them. As per the trials, this virus contains a mutation capable of evading the natural immunity of the human body.

How Long Will A COVID 19 Vaccine Protect You?

A recent report from Pfizer, one among the vaccine manufacturers suggest that its vaccine offers strong and generalized immunity against almost all variants of the virus. Vaccine manufacturers, however, are not willing to take the risk. Moderna, for instance, is testing a third dose of its vaccine modified to protect against the South African virus variant.

One report from Pfizer suggests that a fully vaccinated person stays immune from coronavirus for six months.

According to experts, your immunity does not stop here. The report suggests the longest time they followed the volunteers who took part in their trials. According to certain experts, this vaccine may stay strong even after one year. According to some, these vaccines may offer lifetime protection. In this scenario, it will act like flu or measles vaccines. Such shots offer lifetime protection against these diseases for 96% of people.

Studies show that the defense mechanism Pfizer and Moderna vaccines prepare are 91% effective even after six months. The company released the details in a statement. It also states that the data is from just a few thousands of people. But it offers a ray of hope. The technology they use is messenger RNA of mRNA. This, according to health officials, is quite strong. The antibody response body generates when injected with an MRNA vaccine is quite strong and lasts long.

It is true that coronavirus is relatively new. It began just in the last part of 2019. But all the vaccines that use MRNA technology lasts a lifetime. Vaccines for influenza, Zika virus and Ebola belong to this category.

Numerous studies have suggested this kind of a power for COVID 19 vaccines. A recent report published in the New England Journal states that the two doses of the Moderna vaccine combine to produce numerous antibodies in the body. They also generate T and B immune cells that will help the defense mechanism for years. The shots manufactured by Pfizer too showed the same result.

Scientists, however, don’t know the level of neutralization required for COVID 19. But their experiences show that the vaccines like the one from Pfizer offer good protection against the COVID 19 infection.

Certain South African scientists contradict the research. According to them, there is numerous evidence to show that the existing vaccines don’t work against the new variants of the virus.
Thus vaccine manufacturers are working on newer versions of their shots.

Haydon is one among the participants of the vaccine trials. He needs to draw blood at regular intervals to evaluate his immunity. He has no idea the extent of protection available for him. He is told that his body will generate antibodies for the virus in the initial days of his trial. No one told him about the level of antibodies present in his body.

His body had a strong reaction to the first dose. The third dose too had some kind of effect. He says that his symptoms are almost flu-like. As per virologists, that is a sign that the vaccine is working. The only thing he knows is that he needs to take precautionary measures like wearing a mask.

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