How Long Can We Live? New Genetic Protective Layer Research By Physicists

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 20, 2022

Some researchers have basically discovered that DNA has a unique structure. This particular structure of DNA is nothing but a kind of telomere. It can be preserved with the help of Physics and, of course, a tiny magnet. It is only with the combination of both of these concepts that this kind of DNA ultimately works to protect the genes from different types of damage. 

It is also helpful in dividing the cells in a given proportion to ensure that the cell does not separate itself beyond a given size because if the cell does that, it will die and will not be able to survive at all. This discovery will play an essential role in reducing the effect of aging on the body of human beings. The scientist has conducted this research at the University of Singapore, and the results of this study have been published in the famous zonal of nature.

Details Of The Experiment

Usually, when a person mentions DNA, physics is not the kind of discipline which comes into the picture. DNA is related to Genetics, and Biology and physics have nothing to do with this, according to the layman’s knowledge. But it is not the case because Bio physics can quickly develop a relationship between DNA and physics.

How Long Can We Live? New Genetic Protective Layer Research

This particular DNA contains specific chromosomes that define the personality and the gender of the human being. This chromosome is nothing but a specific pattern of the telomere. It is responsible for the protection of the cells from damage. 

It is believed that the thread of the DNA between the two chromosomes is around 2 meters long. It is usually folded inside the cell to form a package of proteins containing the essential genetic information concerning the human being. These small packets are arranged one above the other to find a whole thread. 

This thread contains information regarding the entire human being, according to which the different characteristics and traits are decided. This entire structure can be shifted from its primary position with the help of a magnet. A tiny magnet is always present in the stack of the genetic material, which has been folded against each other inside the cell. According to this experiment, this scientist utilized magnetic microscopy to shift the entire bundle of the genetic material. 

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Need of a magnet

The shifting DNA was responsible for reducing the side effects of aging, and as a result, a person could be accountable for living longer than expected. It is a necessary piece of information because this magnetic effect was also responsible for increasing the individual’s life due to the regeneration of the maximum of cells inside the body. This mechanism was handy in the long run for all the possible kinds of effects that could be generated easily with time. 

The magnetic tendency of the genetic material inside the cell is definitely helpful in understanding the aging of the cells. Once this entire phenomenon is understood, there is no looking back concerning calculating the years you live again. 


It can be concluded that the data usually plays a vital role in effective determination. The termination concerning the aging of the cells can only be figured out by a proper experiment that can be conducted over time. This property of the genetic material can bring a positive impact over time. This can also be responsible for developing a great result so that all the side effects could be prevented and the benefits of this genetic property could prevail. 


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