How To Be More Attractive To Men? 7 Ways To Be More Feminine

Josiah finn | Last Updated : August 10, 2022

You might have heard the old saying which goes ‘the passage to a man’s heart is his stomach. But For the current world, it’s also true that pleasing his taste buds or upgrading your physical appearance isn’t the only way to win his heart.

It matters about your personal qualities like personality and well-being that men appreciate more about you than your culinary skills.

Here you are about to explore a few proven ways which help women appear to be more attractive to men, which you can also practice to win over the heart of the man of your life. 

Ways to make yourself more attractive to men

The first thing that comes to your mind when talking about your attractive self is your beauty and physical appearance.

 make yourself more attractive

However, other than your looks there are certain other features that men tend to notice more. At the same time, men are also helpless not to appreciate women who they find attractive in many ways.

So scroll down through the following tips and upgrade yourself to one of those women who men always admire. 

Your Personality

The factors which you need to focus on and improve to upgrade your personality include your confidence, confused state of mind, the way you treat others, and other qualities like honesty, and respectfulness.

Your confidence is determined by the way you feel about yourself and being secure about the way you are, and your abilities, while keeping positive affirmations, celebrating your success, and not punishing yourself for your mistakes.    


Along with this, you also need to be relaxed and live in the moment, rather than living in the past or worrying about the upcoming future.

This will help you avoid nervousness and let others be comfortable with your company. Also, try to be a good listener if you are talking with a guy you like, or you have a crush on, which also reflects the good side of your personality.

At the same time, never interrupt or judge his words and give him signs like a nod or ask a question about what he has shared with you to show that you are listening and paying attention.  

Additionally, you can also share your interests and passion, express that you care for him, and be honest with your opinions and choices as these can help him to like you the way you are, in case he is interested in you.

Moreover, never change yourself for anyone else, especially when you are trying new things. Whenever you are advised or invited to do something new, ensure that you’re doing it because you want it. 


If you are the type of person who is more conscious about your beauty and appearance, just be aware that it is just a minute part that determines how attractive you are.

But that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore and let go of yourself without any self-care.  To make it clear, you just need to look young and healthy, and in general, men are easily attracted to women with a fine skin tone, trim figures, and youthful facial features. 

However, whatever your body structure, shape, size, skin color, hair type, or hair length is, you can be beautiful the way you are.

As studies show, people see a woman as 20% more attractive than she sees herself. So, without judging yourself harshly, or comparing yourself with others, realize your own beauty.


Even the current beauty standards have also been revised and become so liberal. 

At the same time, never imitate anyone, but create your personal style according to your personality and how you express it.

So whenever you are set to choose a dress or make-up, or accessories, select it only if it fits you or highlights your positive features rather than copying celebrities or the most popular woman in your town.

You can also change your style from time to time and keep on experimenting to know which way you look more attractive on specific occasions.

Moreover, giving more focus to your positive features like your long hair, deep brown eyes, and long neck when you dress up can make you even pretty if you choose the right way to reveal them. 

Use Mild Makeup

Makeup is powerful to make yourself look more attractive. But that does not mean you have to put on heavy makeup which definitely will appear weird.

mild makeup

Always prefer a natural look and wear less makeup by giving yourself a natural glow. Using mascara and mild lip gloss can be enough to highlight your beauty.

But if you never use any of it or don’t like it, you don’t have to change yourself for anyone

Take Care of your Body 

Even though it is not all men, the majority are attracted to women who take care of their health and fitness. In the same way, on average they like hourglass figures which imply a smaller waist but larger buts.

In order to shape your body, you can follow exercises that tighten your waist but build up your bum and hips. 

Along with this, you can eat healthily, sleep well, and hydrate yourself, since each of these helps you stay healthy and younger inside out.

Also, following a regular exercise routine, or being physically active for at least 30 minutes every day can keep both your body and mind younger and more attractive. 


Also take good care of your skin, by adequately washing with a cleanser, and applying a moisturizer that contains SPF.

Besides, keep the health and hygiene of your mouth and teeth to get an attractive smile, since your smile is the first thing everyone notices.

If you have yellow-looking teeth, try whitening treatments as they are adequate to retrieve the natural white color of your teeth. 

Apart from your skin, smile, and structure, men also notice your hair. They like long, full, shiny hair and consider it a symbol of health and fertility.

But never try any treatment that damages your hair, as men do not like frizzy and dull hair. 

Be Sociable and Flirt 

If you often hang out in places where you love to go to get more fun will help you find men with the same interests.

It can be a special spot, like a theater, club, or place where you can be engaged in your favorite sport. If you like a guy and often meet him, try to make eye contact whenever you both talk with each other.


It is effective to grab his attention and express your confidence and interest in him. At the same time, keep things delicate at the beginning, and avoid lingering.

So, make eye contact at specific points in the conversation, such as when you compliment him, but at those specific points, you can hold his eyes just a little bit longer, giving him signs that something much deeper is going on.

Smiling at him is another way you can express your feelings. In addition to this, men like happy and smiling women more.

But ensure to smile with your eyes and be genuine as fake smiles are easily recognizable. Besides, never forget to compliment him sincerely

Start a Conversation

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for him to start a conversation if you want to talk with him. If you meet him accidentally on any special occasion just approach him and simply ask how he is going.

You can look into his eyes to check if he is interested in you. If he also returns eye contact, you can ask questions further and engage in a conversation.


Then If it goes really well, or if you converse with each other like this often, just take it to the next level. If he responds to you the same way, you can share your number with him, or set up a date.

In case the guy seems uninterested, never push him to talk with you, you can leave, politely excusing yourself and expressing it was nice to meet him. 

Imitate his Body Language

Without being obvious about it, you can just mirror his body language and the movements he makes. This will subconsciously show him that you are interested in him, and it can make him feel the same way. 

Laughing to attract men

To Conclude 

It is often not a piece of cake to attract the guy you like, but it is not a herculean task either. There are certain tips that you can follow to upgrade yourself and your personality to make yourself more appealing to men.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice anything or change your true self to win over some guy. Just be yourself and add some suitable features to your personality, appearance, and social skills which is necessary even if you are not doing it targeting any guy. 

Josiah finn

Josiah finn is a professional life coach who helps people to make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. He helps his clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Josiah finn Has equipped with Life Coach certification that is ICF accredited and is an active listener.

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