How to choose the best second passport for you?

Andre Martin | Last Updated : September 19, 2023

Understanding Your Personal Needs

Many people think that the strongest passport is one that offers visa-free travel to countries, and the more of them on the list, the better it is. However, it is not so. Let you have the opportunity to visit even 200 places on the planet, but if you are not satisfied that your passport gives you more prospects than your previous (native) document, you will not be happy. Passport ranking will help you make a choice. Before you obtain the rights of another country, you need to understand your reasons for wanting to become part of another nation.

The Different Paths to Acquiring a Second Passport

There are often many opportunities for foreigners in another country, such as educating their children and obtaining an international diploma, and better climate and environmental conditions. If earlier it was necessary to confirm family ties with a resident of the country or get married, now there are simpler methods to become a legal citizen. However, these are free methods and very long waits. It is much faster to invest in the economy or the country’s funds, buy or rent real estate for a certain amount, and get approval from the authorities in a few months.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Country

When considering a country to choose second passport, it is recommended that you take into account the following factors:

  1. Citizenship: Some countries may only allow citizens of certain regions that meet immigration criteria to obtain a second passport, while others support dual status.
  2. Benefits: Explore the pros and cons that a particular republic offers. For example, some territories provide tax benefits, improved travel opportunities, or business expansion.
  3. Investments: you may need to invest money or purchase real estate in your chosen nation to get a second document.
  4. Security and stability: assess the political environment.
  5. Visa freedom: research passports rankings by travel freedom to which you can visit.
  6. Privacy: find out about policies regarding the secrecy of personal data and financial information.

Before making a final decision, contact professionals such as immigration attorneys and consultants to get more detailed information and advice appropriate to your situation.

Top Countries Offering Second Passports

The ranking of the best places to live, work, and study is headed by Japan, followed by Australia and Singapore. However, besides the strongest passport, these leaders have their disadvantages. It is impossible to obtain citizenship for investment in the island nation and Singapore, and in case of great desire, you can claim only for residence. As for Australia, it is too expensive for many people.

According to expert Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest company), the most inexpensive but in-demand programs are the offers of such republics as Malta, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis. You need from 100 to 500 thousand dollars to get a passport, depending on the type of deposit.


So, the most important thing is to define your needs, plans, strategies, and goals before choosing a territory for the whole family to move to and settle there. For example, if getting better medical care is a priority when you are dissatisfied with the health care system in your home country, then the republic should match. In any case, consider:

  • safety for life;
  • economic opportunities that allow you to do business on an international level;
  • no or low taxation, which contributes to more productive work and peace of mind in retirement;
  • requirements regarding your financial status.

Family reunification involves moving and obtaining a second citizenship, and it is also hereditary. Therefore, you should approach the choice deliberately and without rushing. A comparison of each program and terms and conditions will help you to choose the best option. If you have any difficulties, we recommend that you seek the help of specialists who will help you decide on the right option and avoid misunderstandings in the process of resolving the issue.

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